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  • Mounting dimensions: 2"x15.25" (does not include width of mounting bracket) It is advantageous to have spare nitrous bottles; that way you'll always have a full bottle ready to go. Choose from a wide variety of sizes. All NOS bottles are made from aluminum alloy, are D.O.T. approved, and come with bottle valves. For those who want the ultimate in appearance, many popular NOS bottles are available fully polished.
    Item no.3-14700-Pnos

    Retail: $238.71(PLUS shipping)

    WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  looking at buying a sneaky pete system for my jeep. me jeep is EFI. will this system work on my jeep and if so should i put it before of after the MAS?
    ANSWER:  Yes it will work
    QUESTION:  can set a nos kit for my yahama r15 version 2.0? If yes how much will it cost?
    ANSWER:  carburated bikes need wet kits - $700 or $800 + bottle FI bikes can use a dry kit - $389 with 1# bottle
    QUESTION:  What kind of nos kit would I need for a 125 cc mini chopper?
    ANSWER:  wet if you have carbs, dry if fuel injected
    QUESTION:  Hi, I´m putting in a dry kit on R1 2006 with a 10oz bottle. any ideas on how many seconds or runs is possible to make on this bottle??? will be using 40 hp injector.
    ANSWER:  One pass for sure. Possibly 2.
    QUESTION:  are all bottles round, do you or somebody have the knowledge or ability to build a square nitrous bottle as a round bottle will not fit within the hidding space i choose and what would be the minimum thickness for a piece of flat stock if one were to build a nitrous bottle if your company can not build one. thanks.
    ANSWER:  All our bottles are round
    QUESTION:  i don't think it would work, but can I put NOS on a unicycle?
    ANSWER:  As long as it has an internal combustion engine.
    QUESTION:  I got a 110cc with a 65mm piston and strock up the block...and I hav a stock carb but ported what kinda nos I need?and the smallest bottle?
    ANSWER:  you would need a wet kit for carbs. Smallest bottle is 7oz
    QUESTION:  I have a TRX450er and i was looking for a NOS kit for it...Do they make one? If so can I get a part # and price? thanx
    QUESTION:  can i put a nos in bajaj pulsar 150cc bike,how speed will it go
    QUESTION:  Are all the people who asked questions above, completely retarded??? Ps. Can I put multiple, massive nitrous kits on my new Reebok Pumps?? If so, will this help me jump higher..???
    ANSWER:  Only if the molecules in the natural rubber bond in the original shoe sole. If this happens it can cause the structure to change significantly. While structure isn't that important to the actual jump. The resulting flow of hydronamic fluids and electrons causes the desired nominal gains in hyperbolic flow. See it's really simple. They are all idiots.
    QUESTION:  i want to install a nos system in my honda stunner 125 cc bike
    ANSWER:  ok
    QUESTION:  I got a 2 stroke mini pocket bike that goes about 20mph, has a carb that was just replaced. How much would it be to buy the smallest amount of nitrous to it, how long would it last, and is it safe?
    ANSWER:  Carb bikes require a wet system which would cost $500-$800 not including the bottle.
    QUESTION:  can u put nos on a go kart ?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you will need a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  I have a 03 cbr 954 what kind of nitrous kit would I need, and what activator would be best? Thanks
    ANSWER:  If your bike is fuel injected use part # 1-0323 for our universal dry nitrous kit. If your bike is carburated you will need to use a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  can you nos to a minibike
    ANSWER:  If you feel the need.
    QUESTION:  how much could you sell an empty nos tank for?
    ANSWER:  All prices listed are for empty tanks.
    QUESTION:  can you put nos on a dirtbike
    ANSWER:  If you really want.
    QUESTION:  can it be atached to a go kart
    ANSWER:  If you want.
    QUESTION:  can i hook up a 20oz nitro kit to a 110cc pocket bike/mini motorcycle?????
    ANSWER:  If you really want.
    QUESTION:  This may sound a bit mad but can u get a nos kit for a 110cc pit bike if so how much
    ANSWER:  The price will depend on if you have carbs (wet kit) or fuel injection (dry kit).
    QUESTION:  hi I have a 150cc chinese dirtbike itis a 4 stroke and it has no airbox just airfilture can i still hook up nitrious to it??????????
    ANSWER:  probably
    QUESTION:  can you hook up more than one 10oz bottle inline to a single activator button?
    ANSWER:  yes
    QUESTION:  can the sneaky pete nos nitrous 10oz kit run on a car
    ANSWER:  sure
    QUESTION:  ok this one might not work but.... i was wondering if you could put nos on a mountin bike. im sure you cant but i thought it would be cool. so is it posible???????
    QUESTION:  whats the difference between a wet kit and a dry kit?
    ANSWER:  dry is only for fuel injected bikes.
    QUESTION:  Hi i was wornding if i could put the sneaky pete nos 10 oz dry shot on a rmz250
    QUESTION:  Who can sell me a blue body kit for a X18 warrior super bike? The only sites I have found were out of stock. Thanks Jeremy
    QUESTION:  Can I use a air bottle the same size as a 2.5lb nos bottle on my drag bike to hold nitrous?
    ANSWER:  As long as it is a DOT bottle that is safe for high pressure.
    QUESTION:  Do the differnt bottle sizes have same size filler size?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  can u hook up nitrous on a 2 stroke snowmobile engine?
    ANSWER:  sure
    QUESTION:  Can you Nitrous a Go Kart.... 110cc carburated?
    ANSWER:  With a wet kit
    QUESTION:  can i get a nos set for a 420 fe rancher with fuel injection
    ANSWER:  sure
    QUESTION:  How much does it cost to put a nitrous kit on a honda 125cc bike
    ANSWER:  More than the bike costs!
    QUESTION:  Hello can I purches the polished noz bottle being empty and if so im looking for a 3" size and about the length or a little shorter from a slip on. Thanks
    ANSWER:  That is a 1# BOTTLE
    ANSWER:  722.11
    QUESTION:  how do u fill them and how much and were do u get the brackets
    ANSWER:  Brackets are 39.00 ea. Fills are available at most automotive speed shops.
    QUESTION:  can u put 2 nitrous bottles in a 110cc pocket bike and how much 4 brackets?
    ANSWER:  You can put as many as you can fit and afford.
    QUESTION:  is there a kit for a two stroke engine
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  I need a kit for a 2006 suzuki gsxr1000? Thanks Joe
    ANSWER:  Order it. 1-0323
    QUESTION:  I have a Ducati Monster 900IE, is there a kit for this bike?
    ANSWER:  If its EFI a dry kit will work. If carbureted you will need a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  i read on a different website about the same 10 oz. kit that you can hook two wires from the solenoid to the two horn wires on a bike and the horn button can be the nos switch, is that true?
    ANSWER:  yes
    QUESTION:  would i get suffient results with the 10 oz. bottle kit installed on a 200cc full sized stock sportbike.
    ANSWER:  not much capacity. 10-15 seconds
    QUESTION:  where do u get refills
    ANSWER:  auto speed shops or at the track
    QUESTION:  hi i have a x-18 super pocket bike and i want to know if it would work and how much it would cost to refill a 10oz bottle thanks.
    QUESTION:  Can you put nos on a 110cc 4 stroke mini chopper engine.
    QUESTION:  How much does a 10oz bottle of nos cost and how dow do i install it on a 100cc super pocket bike?
    QUESTION:  how much does nitrous cost per refill and how dangerous is it on a pocket bike(x19 super pocket bike)
    QUESTION:  how much does nitrous cost per refill
    ANSWER:  $3.00 - $5.00 per lb.
    QUESTION:  hello, i have a 10oz bottle with a mini high flow valve and a standerd NOS solenoid, can i make a hole in the intake tube between the carb and the head and spray dry nitrous using a 024 funnel jet into a 125cc China built dirt bike motor. I know that Nitrous needs more fuel because nitrous oxidizes the air and make it richer or thicker, and colder and without adding more fuel then the air/fuel ratio will be off and the motor may run lean. but with a small shot of dry nitrous would I notice a power difference, would there be any harm to the motor, how many second should i get using a 024 jet and a 10oz bottle or would i need a bigger bottle??
    ANSWER:  Way to big of a jet. You have to ad fuel. No dry shot.
    QUESTION:  what are the expected hp gains on a 100cc x-18 if you use dry nitrous?
    QUESTION:  I need a kit for a Kawasaki KX 250F? Can I get a part number & a price??? jeff
    ANSWER:  3-03100NOS $770.36
    QUESTION:  do i have to chrome my piston and bore?
    ANSWER:  no
    QUESTION:  wat du mean fogger the intake manifold?..wer can i buy those kits for NOS?.
    ANSWER:  buy it here! p/n 3-03100NOS $770.36
    QUESTION:  how to install nos in a 110cc honda asian bikes?wer wud i put the fittings?is it ok f i make a hole in the intake manifold?
    ANSWER:  Fogger in the intake port.
    QUESTION:  mr.can i use nos in a 110cchonda?the asian bikes?how to instal nos? is it ok if i'll make a hole in my intake manifold?
    ANSWER:  fogger in the intake port.
    QUESTION:  which one would be best for a viper or a corvette
    ANSWER:  One from an automotive site!
    QUESTION:  We are looking to offer NOX kits for Honda VTX 1300 and 1800 models as well as 750 and 1100 V-twins. We want to be able to offer complete kits, not just individual components. Please email me with additional information on package systems. Thanks, Xchoppers
    ANSWER:  Our Dry kit will work on any EFI bike. You will need a means of delivering more fuel when using the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  do they come filled with nos
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:  can i put nos on a nija pocket bike
    ANSWER:  You mean Nitrous Oxide? Yes.
    QUESTION:  Can you use this on a 200cc 3/4 scale chopper! Thanks
    ANSWER:  Its just a bottle.
    QUESTION:  do u guys have a kit for a 49cc pocket bike
    QUESTION:  can i use this for mini pcket bike racing
    QUESTION:  I have a 2007 kawasaki kx 250f. Do you have a kit for it?
    ANSWER:  yes
    QUESTION:  can you put nos on a 49cc poket pike
    ANSWER:  No, pocket bikes suck
    QUESTION:  If I were to mount the i cylinder wet nitrous bottle on my X-18 super pocket bike would there but a release button for a boost or would it be continous feed. Also, would there be damaging effects to engine by doing this? Finally, what kind of gains can you expect from do this?
    ANSWER:  4 million horsepower at the push of a button. Wear your rocket suit!!!!
    QUESTION:  can i nitros a suzuki van van125cc 2003? how much and how?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  can you put nos on a 5.5 hr go kart motor and how much money is it?
    ANSWER:  Yep, 1 cylinder wet kit 770.36
    QUESTION:  can you put a nox kit on a 2007 r2 125cc super pocket bike?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  Hay i have a honda crf 50 with forged wisco piston how much could i run???? Also do i have to run it ritch for the nos or do i have to add a Fuel Solenoids. on it
    ANSWER:  You will need a wet kit. No idea how much hp they can make reliably.
    QUESTION:  Is there a fitting available to run 4 10oz bottles at the same time?
    ANSWER:  yep, 3 y fittings & 7 lines.
    QUESTION:  Can you put nos on a 2000 bandit 600? If yes, whats the most you can put if the bike is stock?
    ANSWER:  You will need a wet kit. Probably 40 HP or so. Depends on the fuel quality and being able to retard the timing.
    QUESTION:  Hello,I wont to now if you can put a 10 oz bottle on a jr.dragster.
    ANSWER:  yes, although not NHRA legal.
    QUESTION:  NOS for a 2001 Aprilia RSV (v-twin). Can it be done?
    ANSWER:  Sure, wet kit for carbs. Dry kits for EFI.
    ANSWER:  Yes, A wet kit p/n 3-03008nos 932.00
    QUESTION:  Can I put nitrous on a crf100f (dirtbike).
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  Do the NOS bottles come prefilled and if not where could i get them filled?
    ANSWER:  No, Usually auto speed shops or at the race track.
    QUESTION:  im getting a GS_59B can i get nos installed on it
    ANSWER:  You can install nitrous on any gasoline engine.
    QUESTION:  hi i have a 97 zx6 where do you install the nitrous nozzel can i install a dry shot thanks ....jeff
    ANSWER:  In the cylinder head. You need a wet kit with carbs.
    QUESTION:  Can You Put NOS on a Mountain bike.
    ANSWER:  Stickers!
    QUESTION:  can you nos a 110 cc pocket rocket
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  can you install nitrous on a 49cc pocket bike 2 stroke
    ANSWER:  yes
    QUESTION:  can you nos a 47 cc pocket rocket
    ANSWER:  Yes, you can use nitrous on any internal combustion engine.
    QUESTION:  nitrous will it work on 4 strokes
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  were do you get nitrous filled
    ANSWER:  Automotive Speed Shops or the race track.
    QUESTION:  im getting a x15 super bike could i get nitrous installed on it???
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  i have an x18 poket bike, what is the biggest bottle i can run in it?
    ANSWER:  As big as will fit.
    QUESTION:  can u nitrous a 110cc pocket rocket
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  i have a x-18 warrior super packet bike and i want to make it go faster what nitrous set would best work
    ANSWER:  a Wet 1 Cylinder Kit
    QUESTION:  Hey Needing to know which kit you'd recommend for a Honda Silverwing 600.
    QUESTION:  Whats the smallest an engine can be on a pocket bike to put Nitrous in it, and what size bottle would I need
    ANSWER:  You can put nitrous on any size engine. Bottle size is determined by space usually.
    QUESTION:  i have a x-7 pocket bike and i really want spray for it ive had it on all my race car and my son is about to turn 16 and im giving him this bike i want two 2.5 bottles one two be use and the other for purge just for looks but could i hook they both and would it work right and be safe
    ANSWER:  You can hook bottles together.
    QUESTION:  can you put your 10oz bottle on a x-18 110cc super pocket bike?
    ANSWER:  Sure
    QUESTION:  I would like to get a Complete NOS kit for my 2001 CBR 929 with a the smallest bottle i could get ...Thanks
    ANSWER:  Fireblade would use a dry kit without bottle p/n 1-0346. Then order any bottle size you want.
    QUESTION:  how many hp is that kit ?????? or is it adjustable ??????
    ANSWER:  All kits are adjustable.
    QUESTION:  what nos kit is available for my f1 super pocket bike 110cc 4 stroke.i have changed the motor to a 125cc 4 stroke 4 speed motor with a 26mm carb ??????? and how much is the kit thanks chuck please asap
    ANSWER:  A 1 cylinder wet Nitrous kit P/N 3-03100-OZNOS $741.60 USD
    QUESTION:  do you have a 8oz bottle? and if you do how much? or where can i find one?
    ANSWER:  7 OZ are available.
    QUESTION:  ich habe einen ford probe v6 24v möchte die maximalste leistung rausholen welchen kit brauche ich dafür und wieviel prozent leistung bringt das
    QUESTION:  I have an X-18 pocketbike but what nos kit will be best?
    ANSWER:  You would need a small displacement wet 1 cylinder kit.
    QUESTION:  I have a Royal Star Tour Deluxe. What would be the best application for this 1300 cc?
    ANSWER:  1-0323 Dry Kit
    QUESTION:  I have a stock scion tc 2007 with 1500 miles on it, what do you think is the best?
    ANSWER:  Thats a car right?? Don't know about cars.
    QUESTION:  what do u recomend for a 8hp old b&s engine (my go kart needs a boost) and where are you guy located? thanx braydon
    ANSWER:  1 cylinder NOS wet kit.
    QUESTION:  i have a 04 hayabusa with a power commander and full exaust kit, what would be the recomended kit for my bike.
    ANSWER:  1-0323 Dry Kit.
    QUESTION:  i have a X7 super pocket bike and i would like to put a nitro system.. for that i have to put extars things in my super pocket bike??
    ANSWER:  You will need a small cc wet nitrous kit.
    QUESTION:  have a 05 636 zx6 witch kit do you recomend
    ANSWER:  The Dry Kit p/n 1-0323
    QUESTION:  I m interested in Yamaha R1, 1000cc, 2006. U have sports exausts and a NOS system for that with u. If so then please let me know the detail of all the parts which i should put to enjoy timeless speed. AxN.
    QUESTION:  Hi, i need to know that for Honda CBR 600 F1, 2001, which NOS do u recomend and what are the extra things which i need to put into my bike for using NOS. i.e. some parts are to be upgraded for it or no? thanks. AxN
    ANSWER:  We reccommend dry kits for EFI bikes and wet kits for carb bikes.
    QUESTION:  Can I put one of your bottles (tall skinny)on a X-7 super pocket bike that is 4 stroke? Brent
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  what kind of kit will i need for my 05 SV 650 Suzuki
    ANSWER:  The 1-0323 Dry Kit.
    QUESTION:  i have an 06 gsxr 1000 wit power commander wat kit is recommended for this bike
    ANSWER:  The 1-0323 Dry Kit.
    QUESTION:  Can i put one of your bottles on my honda trx250ex.(atv)??
    ANSWER:  You would need a wet nitrous kit.
    QUESTION:  Hi, i wanna know the shipping price for 14700_pnos. I LIVE IN ITALY. thanks. Alex
    QUESTION:  If I purchase an MPS dry nitrous kit for FI bikes, without a nitrous bottle, can i use this bottle?
    ANSWER:  yes
    QUESTION:  I want to set up a nitrous system for my 2003 R1. Which bottle would fit under my seat cowl and please list everything that I need to buy. Thanks, Phil
    ANSWER:  Not sure 1# bottle is 3" x 10" Just the kit and a means to add fuel. (powercommander or Fast FI)
    QUESTION:  the 10oz bottle comes seperat?
    ANSWER:  If you want a 10 OZ bottle just order the kit with no bottle and the 10 OZ bottle seperate.
    QUESTION:  Hello, I am interested in the 10 oz polished bottle and I need a bracket also. Do u have the bracket listed for this bottle?.....Will order when I hear from You Thank You Jeremy
    ANSWER:  We don't offer a 10 oz bottle bracket yet.
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