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-Lite`n Boltz - Domed Head Satin Finish (pair)

Lite'n Boltz License Plate Light kits feature a right-angle LED for direct illumination of your license plate. Super bright LEDs are extremely efficient and emit a higher degree of light in a desired location than incandescent lamps. Since there is no filament that can be damaged, LEDs are incredibly durable - virtually shock and vibration-proof!

  • The clear epoxy covered lens offers waterproof protection.
  • Temperature resistant
  • Low power consumption
  • Low heat output
  • No damaging UV emissions
Item no.030302

Retail: $26.25(PLUS shipping)

This item is currently not available for sale. This page is made available for informational purposes only.
This item does NOT ship for free
Shipping charges will apply to this item. If you place your order now we will call with the shipping rate. If the rate is approved by you we will charge you the additional shipping. If the rate is NOT approved by you then we will cancel your order. If you do not wish to place your order now you can enter in the quantity you wish to order and your zip code in the Q&A section below and we will respond with a quote.

Domed Head Style bolts with a notch machined into the head and an LED light installed to illuminate at a 90 degree angle.
Machined from top quality Stainless Steel the great little lights will find many uses in your motoring world. Designed to used as a license plate light when the stock light has been lost due to modifications.

WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  Is the satin style closer to black then the other two styles? Darker, less shine?
ANSWER:  It is a flat finish - not shiny at all - but is not closer to black - it is still silver.
QUESTION:  will they rust, or are they made out of stainless steel so they won't rust ?
ANSWER:  They are stainless and will not rust.
QUESTION:  i need to cover a 1/2" hole in my fender on a rocker c. i put a harley badge to cover up 3 holes, and want to put a led light in the 4 hole thats there but is 1/2" what do you have
ANSWER:  These lights are 1/2" in diameter but the threads are only 5/8".
QUESTION:  I have an '08 GSXR-600. Do I need to disconnect the battery before splicing the wiring together? Or just clip / splice the wiring when the bike is turned off?
ANSWER:  This circuit only has power when the key is turned on, so switching the bike off and removing the keys is a very complete solution for working on this part of the wiring harness.
QUESTION:  hello i have a 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa with a hotbodies under tail and a license plate relocator on the sprocket side and would like to know what is the easiest way to run the wiring for the plate lights to the plate relocator without having any holes drilled into the plastic of the body and to keep it very neat and hidden i really do not want any wires to be noticable at all thankyou if you could possibly go into detail on how to run the wiring would be helpful thankyou.
ANSWER:  I have found that installing metal or plastic tubing into the inside of the chain guard is highly effective in this application. You run the wiring inside the tubing similar to how an electrician would run exterior wiring through EMT conduit. It requires craftmanship and attention to detail, definitiely worth it for a custom Hayabusa.
QUESTION:  I have a single positive and a single negative lead on my license plate light and would like to use a pair of the LED bolts. I assume then that I wire the LED bolts' two negative leads to the single negative lead on the bike?
ANSWER:  Yes, that would work perfectly. LED lamps draw such low current that wire size and number of parallel connections is of no concern. You should also wire the two positive leads to the single positive lead of the license plate light to create the desired two parallel circuits for this application.
QUESTION:  I purchase these kits and install them on a custom pick truck bumper and a driver of ours was recently ticketed in the state of Georgia for using a blue light to iluminate a license plate, can you help me with and lititure on what kind on light these put off.
ANSWER:  These LEDs put out white light and are suitable for automotive or motorcycle usage.
QUESTION:  How long is the threaded portion of these licence plate bolts?
ANSWER:  3/4"
QUESTION:  what does that mean "run them in series or parallel"?
ANSWER:  Those are two different types of electrical circuits.
QUESTION:  These seem to have interchangeable leads -- are these really LEDs? My understanding of Light Emitting Diodes is that they have positive & negative connections that are not interchangeable. Thanks for clarifying.
ANSWER:  These are LED lights, and they are manufactured with red(+) and black(-) leads
QUESTION:  how to hook up a light on a dirt bike with no battery
ANSWER:  Just connect it in parallel with the existing lighting circuit. It will only be on when the engine is running, which causes the lighting coil to supply +12V power.
QUESTION:  how many lites would you suggest for a swing arm l-plate?
ANSWER:  Two should be fine.
QUESTION:  i just bought a 2005 r6 and it didn't have a license plate light. so would i hook it up to the tail light wires or where? and are these put on the license plate or do you need to drill a hole in the tail for them?
ANSWER:  These hold your license plate to the bike's license plate bracket. The bike comes with a license plate light so there should be existing wiring for you to attach these to.
QUESTION:  I have a question about the shipping.Do you ship also to the Nethetlands,and what are the costs?
ANSWER:  We do ship to the Netherlands. Please order online. The shopping cart will show the cost before checkout based on your total order.
QUESTION:  Since these bulbs are LED`s, will I need a resistor to run in series from a 12V source off a motorcycle battery (it use to power the license plate bulbs)? You had commented on resistors in previous questions, but the original poster did not specifically ask about this product. Is there a resistor already built in? If that is the case, do you connect the resistor on the positive terminal or negative terminal coming from the battery. Thanks!
ANSWER:  The series resistor is already installed in these LED license plate lights - just connect them to the proper 12V circuit and it works!
QUESTION:  How tall is this light?
ANSWER:  1/2"
QUESTION:  are these light white cause i bought a pair from j&p cycles and in the picutre was icy blue light but when i put them on it was navy blue ?
ANSWER:  These have clear bulbs.
QUESTION:  Do the lights come with wires?
ANSWER:  Yes but they are very short, they splice into the wire from your existing license plate light.
QUESTION:  Will this light set work with the Hot Bodies undertail for an '04 R6? If so, does the wiring just connect to the existing wiring for the stock fender/plate light?
ANSWER:  Yes, this will work and look nice as the Hotbodies kit does not come with a light. You do connect to the existing wiring.
QUESTION:  I just bought a pair of these Tite Lites.One of the bulbs blew out already.Do I have to buy another set or are there replacement bulbs you sell?
ANSWER:  They come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Send them back to the address on the site with your original order information and we will replace them.
QUESTION:  Im not very savy with electrical stuff. Can I just disconnect the existing light and connect these lights to the existing wires?
ANSWER:  Yes, it is very straightforward.
QUESTION:  what size hole do I need to drill to mount them?
ANSWER:  They go in the holes that are already in your license plate. You may have to make them a little bit larger depending on what state you are in but it will only be a little bit.
QUESTION:  Do you have any advice for running wires to connect a light on my swing arm mount license plate bracket? Also, what hot wire would I splice into? Thanks
ANSWER:  The correct wire to splice into (make a PARALLEL circuit) is the taillight wire - your plate light should be on anytime your lights are on. Tie wraps are an excellent solution for running wires, and many riders put the wires inside their chain guards with epoxy glue.
QUESTION:  what size thread is it.
ANSWER:  Thread pitch 5/16" x 18
QUESTION:  What is the difference between item#030302 and 030310? It is a size or brightness? Thank you. Jun
ANSWER:  The difference is the finish of the bolt itself. One is a brushed satin finish, and the other is polished like chrome.
QUESTION:  Could I use these to light up my truck rear license plate? And if so, how many should I use? 2? 4? Thank you. ROB
ANSWER:  Yes, these make an excellent car/ truck accessory. Any 12 volt source. I would imagine that you only need 2 at the top.
QUESTION:  are they bright enough as a pair to illuminate the plate or is there something else you all offer that is brighter? im trying to avoid hassle from authority figures.
ANSWER:  the 2 lights totally light up the tail light. They are very bright. You should have not trouble at all with the COPS becuase of a poorly lit license plate. - Scott
QUESTION:  Do I need to run them in series or parallel?
ANSWER:  parallel.
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