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M P S Dry Nitrous Kit For F I Bikes

Just imagine another 20 to 40 horsepower in just 2 hours! That's the reality of our Dry Nitrous Kit For Fuel Injected Motorcycles. Flip the switch to activate the nitrous and turn your horn button into a horsepower button. Our kit comes complete with all wiring. Most will plug directly into your stock wire harness. The MPS Dry Nitrous Kit was designed to easily increase horsepower of a four cylinder fuel injected motorcycle. By allowing the nitrous to pass the fuel injection sensors in the air box the factory fuel injection can compensate with more fuel for small shots of nitrous. These Dry Nitrous Kits exploit that ability and yield between 20 and 40 horsepower. They are strictly for fuel injected motorcycles. The MPS Dry Nitrous Kit For Fuel Injected Motorcycles is for use in closed course competition events only and are not for use on any public street or highway.

  • Easy 2 Hour Installation
  • Stealth Starter Button Activation
  • 1lb. Nitrous Bottle
  • Push In Fittings
  • Mounting dimensions for 1 lb. bottle: 3.25"x10" (does NOT include thickness of bracket)
  • 3 Different Power Levels
    This item usually takes about 3 days to ship
    Item no.1-0323
     other options:
    Daytona Wego III Wide Band O2 System
    m p s bottle bracket tube clamp 1 1/4
    m p s bottle bracket tube clamp 1''
    m p s dry nitrous dual nozzle kit
    MPS Adjustable Switched Clutch Lever
    MPS Bottle Bracket 4.375`` (2 & 2.5# Bottles)
    WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  what size jet comes with this kit?
    ANSWER:  28, 32 and 36 is standard. We can put whatever jets you specify though.
    QUESTION:  2014 m109r with power commander V and x-tre what kit and do I need a dual spray kit? Thanks
    ANSWER:  I am not familiar with your vehicle but the 1-0323 kit will work on anything fuel injected with an airbox. The dual nozzle will give more even distribution and is recommended for larger shots.
    QUESTION:  Is there a way to convert the switch to full throttle activation?
    ANSWER:  Sure, You can use a manual switch or a nitrous controller.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2006 harley night v rod if i get the nitro dry kit do i need anything else like a power commander or can my stock bike handle the dry kit
    ANSWER:  power commander or some type of fuel management is needed.
    QUESTION:  I have a completely stock 2007 Road Star Warrior. What dry nitrous kit would work on it.Thanks.
    ANSWER:  1-0323 single nozzle kit. Can add a 1-0350 dual nozzle kit if you choose.
    QUESTION:  have a 2004 gsxr 600 land speed record bike..want to run a dry nos spider system with wide open throttle senser...aprox 30 hp ..est how long { in seconds } a one pound bottle will last and recommend system
    ANSWER:  Rough guess would be 20 seconds. We do not have a Spyder kit for the GSXR600. We can try to develop one if you send us your airbox. Otherwise the single nozzle kit is the one to use.
    QUESTION:  Nitours gas or or some specific gas ? Its easy to install ?
    ANSWER:  Nitrous. Instructions can be found at mpsracing.com.
    QUESTION:  This nitrous bottle contain some gas or what ? How to use this ?
    ANSWER:  The bottle is shipped empty. You must have it filled with nitrous.
    QUESTION:  Hello i have bmw s1000rr stock 2011 i want to increase horse power on my stock bike what kit should i use for my stock engine to increase horsepower in my bike only have full exhaust ! Else my bike is fully stock can i use any nitrous kit on stock bike if yes plz name it Thanks
    ANSWER:  This kit will work well.
    QUESTION:  I have a 07 gsxr 600 it has mps air shifter and brocks alien head exhaust. the guy had it raced it before. I know nothing about the motor as far as work being done to it. my first bike but I know people with 1000cc n they ride my bike n say theres work done to it cause its faster than any 600cc bike they drove. but my question is what kit a be good w/o hurting my internals
    ANSWER:  1-0323 single nozzle dry kit
    QUESTION:  Hi. I have a 2004 Vulcan 2000 with 30k. I am very interested in installing a dry kit, cuz a turbo or S/C costs too much! I have a high flow intake, stock headpipes with Rinehart slip-ons, what else do I need to hook this up? What kinda hp/trq could I see? Thanks
    ANSWER:  The 1-0323 kit will work great for you. The horspower gain is dependent upon how large of a jet you use. You will need to increase fuel at higher horsepower.
    QUESTION:  I have 04gsxr 1000 with a tre on it.I want to install dry spray nitrous do i have to remove the tre
    ANSWER:  no
    QUESTION:  I have a 01 busa with a full Yoshi, power commander III, K$N filter. One will I need anything els and two do I have to get the bike dyno. Thanks for your time.
    ANSWER:  A power commander hub would allow you to switch between your nitrous map and normally aspirated map. We always suggest putting the bike on a dyno with a sniffer to make sure you are not lean.
    QUESTION:  i have a 07 r1 and wanted to know which pill to use on the kit? and how much horsepower it will give me.
    ANSWER:  link to the jeting chart http://www.mpsracing.com/instructions/MPS/jettingChart.pdf.
    QUESTION:  my sun has a 90cc dirt bike how would we hook nos to that
    ANSWER:  Why would you want nitrous on it? What is your goal?
    QUESTION:  i have a 700 raptor will the dry kit work for it?
    ANSWER:  If it is fuel injected
    QUESTION:  hi a got a kawasaki zx9r 01 im looking for 30hp what kit do i need and i want to run to the air box dry or wet? thx
    ANSWER:  The dry Spyder kit.
    QUESTION:  i have a 98 gsxr 600, what kit do u have that will work on it?
    ANSWER:  The 1-0476 Spyder nitrous kit and the 1-0323 Dry kit witll work on any fuel injected bike.
    QUESTION:  I want to it Item no. 1-0323 is buy but turkey ship ? how money . when can ý own ? atmospheric a car how power give?
    QUESTION:  I have a 2007 zx6r with power commander 3 and full yoshimura exhaust what kit do you suggest?
    ANSWER:  Either the standard MPS dry kit (P/N 1-0323) or the new MPS Spyder Kit (P/N 1-0476)
    QUESTION:  I have a 05/06 ZX6R. Whats the right nos kit for the motorcycle without damaging the internal parts of it, and how much power i'll get with it? THANKS
    ANSWER:  dry kit p/n 1-0323 20-30 hp
    QUESTION:  Is there a wet system avalible for a 2006 GSXR? If so which is better?
    ANSWER:  Yes, depends what your application is.
    QUESTION:  I have a 06 gsxr 600. Its completely stock. i want to put this system on it. It will be later on before a power commander and exhaust. Will it work?
    ANSWER:  You need a means to richen fuel mixture.
    QUESTION:  Hi,I have a night rod 2006,do I have to change other parts of my engine or will the Dry Nitrous work with the stock parts on the bike not damaging the engine?
    ANSWER:  If it is EFI a 20 HP shot should work fine. You will need a power commander to richen fuel mixture while using the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  hi my name is ralph from new york.i have an 06 yamaha r1 it came with 2 brother pipe and more extras.what do i need to install the nitro system in my bike?thanks
    ANSWER:  the kit and a powercommander.
    QUESTION:  Hello, my name is Kading. I have a ZXR250 4 cylinder and a Hyosung GT650 V-twin, both witch uses carburator fuel delivery system. I want to know if any nitrus kit available for superbike with carburator fuel delivery system and how much it will cost?. Thank you Kading(Malaysia)
    ANSWER:  NOS Wet Nitrous Kits. P/N 3-03008NOS 4 Cyl Kit. P/N 3-03011-OZNOS 2 Cyl Kit.
    QUESTION:  Hi, I have a 2004 vn2000 with cobra 2into 1 hp's plus Fi2000R fuel controller. does your system require fuel controller adjustment every time you swap between petrol/NOS and petrol/air? Do you have to hold the button in and if so can you supply switching for throttle position activation? ( ie press the button but NOS doesn't hit until throttle is fully openned, leaving your hands free to hold on ) Where does the 2lb bottle usually mount best on VN2000? Hope i haven't asked any stupid questions.
    ANSWER:  The fuel must be richened each time the nitrous is used. We have MSD Smart switches that use the throttle position sensor to activate the nitrous. As far as bottle mounting, that is hard to say. It depends how much you are willing to spend on it and who does the fabrication.
    QUESTION:  do youre nitrous kits come with step by step instructions to show how to install the kit and show how it works???
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  what nitrous kit would you recommend i buy for my 2006 fuel injected raptor 700? and where can i find this on youre site?
    ANSWER:  1-0323
    QUESTION:  I have a 2006 raptor 700 with an alba efi controller and kit. Will youre nitrous setup work with my kit?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  i have a 800 sportsman EFI and I was looking for a nitrous kit and I found this kit for fuel injected motorcycles and was wondering if it would work?
    ANSWER:  If you have a means to richen fuel mixture when spraying nitrous it will work.
    QUESTION:  Last question.. I have a 1lb bottle, each nite I'll race 3 times, need to make last for 3 good runs. What do you suggest? Thanks again ps I'm going to kill those boys!
    ANSWER:  2 Spare bottles
    QUESTION:  I'll spray the last 1/2 - 1/4 mile is where I would spray. Whats the best way to spray? Small one second taps? Should I wait till I'm in 6s gear?
    ANSWER:  I would wait till the end and use it constant.
    QUESTION:  Hi I have a 2000 CBR F4 Carb Bike and I got this kit from Puert Rico and I wanted to do it to the air box like fog the air box I have the bike Jetted with a Stage 1 Dyno Jet kit and also A full exhaust system and a K&N filter will a 20 shot be ok for it
    ANSWER:  no dty kits on carbureted bikes
    QUESTION:  i have a m109 suzuki i going to put a hyper charger and cobra long shots pipes will a power commander enhance my performance,i was told the way the m109 is set up i would be wasting my money on a power commander could y ou please advise me of which way to go. thanks
    ANSWER:  Power commander will give you the ability to tune the fuel curve.
    QUESTION:  I have a 04 H/D v-rod what would be best for this? And how much 2 ship to NEW ZEALAND.
    ANSWER:  Dry Kit
    QUESTION:  How difficult is it to install the nitrious? What do most dealerships charge to install?
    ANSWER:  Should take 3-4 hrs.
    QUESTION:  hello, I have 06 kawi zx6r (636). i have the BCM air filter, power commander, i cut the exhoust right behind the catalytic, and am putting 20 shots of nose. where could i get good map for it? thank you for ur help
    ANSWER:  At you local dyno tuner.
    QUESTION:  what would be a good starting point ,in terms of percentage of fuel enrichment increase when running a 40 hp dry set up (fuel injected) ? Thanks
    ANSWER:  15-20
    QUESTION:  hi ,at 59 years old decided to grow up /no fun ,a price to fit a 06 883 custom sportster ?hd ,does it work on command?like at lights and for passing[the none educated]you can be anciant and still push buttons,thanks
    ANSWER:  It works with a push button. If its injected you can use a dry kit. Carb models would use a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  i have a 06'gsxr 1000 with a power commander and slip on yoshi and a K&N filter. what Nos Kit would u advice me to use?
    ANSWER:  1-0323 Dry kit and you are ready to go.
    QUESTION:  i have a gsxr 1000 with a power commander and a slip on yoshi pipe and a K&N filter. i just wanted to know what would be a better kit for my bike.
    ANSWER:  Dry Kit 1-0323
    ANSWER:  You would need 4 nozzles directly into the intake port. I would think 30 HP or so.
    QUESTION:  I have a 05 Triumph Rocket III I'm running the correct map on my power commander and downloaded the Accelerator Pump feature adding 15% more fuel above 2500rpm's is that rich enough for the 20hp spray? If not where do I get the correct maps power commander doesn't have maps for dry nitrous kits.
    ANSWER:  You have to adjust the power commander each time you spray the nitrous. You would richen the high rpm, then bring it back to normal setting after using the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2006 H/D softail deluxe 88ci efi. with vance & hines long shots,24 degree injecters screaming eagle breather kit, stage 1 H/D download, and run 102 octane fuel always. which dry system will work for me ? which hp set up is the max? which do you recommend i use? will i need a power commander? what about the vance & hines fuelpac, do you have any info on this? thanks,rick
    ANSWER:  You will need a power commander or other type fuel adder device to ad fuel when spraying nitrous. I would start at 20 HP or so.
    QUESTION:  hi is it possible to install a NOS on a 125 cc 4 stroke?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  hi i have a 2006 r6 is there a NOS kit out for it yet and would i need to get a power comander also i live in the united kingdom what would be the whole packadge price for every thing i need cheers Ross
    ANSWER:  This kit will work fine on a R6. You will need a power commander or other means of richening fuel mixture when running nitrous.
    QUESTION:  I have a 06 Kawaski vulcan 2000 v-twin, Id like to add the dry kit with a small shot/20-30 hp gain. Are the jets the same as with a 4 cylinder bike or do I have to go bigger/smaller for same gains? What jet sizes would you suggest for this bike?
    ANSWER:  You would use the same jets to attain a specific HP.
    QUESTION:  Does one spray empty the bottle or can you spray a few times per bottle
    ANSWER:  1# bottle with .036 jet will spray approx. 20 seconds.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2006 fuel injected raptor 700 with an alba racing setup. will the dry nitrous kit work on my quad? and will it harm the motor or anything?
    ANSWER:  Yes, the dry kits will work on your quad. You will need to get some type of programmer to be able to richen fuel mixture when ising the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  I've got an 07 kawasaki 650r. Do I have to use a Powercomander or anything like it with a 20Hp shot?
    ANSWER:  You should richen fuel mixture with any nitrous normally.
    ANSWER:  Wet single cylinder kit.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2006 GSX1300R Hayabusa,what i need to know is what kit would be the best for this bike?I want nitrous and methaine injectors,help if you can.thank you for your time.
    ANSWER:  A Dry Nitrous Kit with a Fast FI will make about 65 HP easily.
    QUESTION:  do you guys have a package kit that comes with the power comander, nitrous kit and everything or will i need to go ahead and purchase a pc before i order the kit. If you do have an "all-inclusive kit" how much is it?
    ANSWER:  There is no all inclusive kit.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2002 VTX1800 will the dry kit work with a power commander and hypercharger? if so is it much of a problem to install with hypercharger?
    ANSWER:  Yes, it will work. You will install the nozzle in the bottom of the hypercharger.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2006 fz6 with sprockets, slip ons, and a k&n filter. would it be cheaper for me to just get a wet kit instead of buying the dry kit and a power commander and paying to have it dynoed afterwards?
    ANSWER:  No. Wet kit is 932.00. Dry Kit 359.00 Power Commander 329.00 Dyno Time $100.00 = $788.00.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2006 raptor 700 EFI with a trinity fuel programmer, will this product work with my set-up?
    ANSWER:  Yes, it will.
    QUESTION:  can i use a wet kit with one wet fogger mounted in my airbox in my carbureted 94 zx9r? cause i used this setup on my fuel injected car and it worked fine..but cars and bikes are different???how??
    ANSWER:  You shouldn't use a wet kit that injects fuel behind the carbs on anything.
    QUESTION:  i have a 03 rc51 i plan on ordering your kit but i have a few ? please. i want to run a 30 shot i do have a PM but its the 3r model not the usb. where is the air temp sensor on my bike because it doesnt have the ram air anymore. or can i richin up my fuel by the PM ? do i have to make a timing adjustment on the 30 shot i do use good gas. there are 2 sensors one in the top of the air box and the one that is the map sensor , my bike doesnt run that sensor sence the ram air and snorkle is missing . thanks for your help !!
    ANSWER:  You can richen fuel with the Powercommander. I would put the nozzle not far from where the air is coming into the induction system.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2002 R1 withan aftermarket excaust and a k&n air filter. What else would I need to add to use this NOS system?
    ANSWER:  You would need a method to richen fuel mixture when the nitrous comes on.
    QUESTION:  how do, what sort of price would a nitrous kit for a kawasaki Z1000 cost...Where would i put the bottle...and do you ship to the u.k? Great help section by the way!
    QUESTION:  whats the diff between this kit and the dynotune kit is this one better how bout safer?
    ANSWER:  Never heard of a dynotune kit.
    QUESTION:  I was wondering if your dry nitrous system came with a switch to activate it? I have a yamaha raptor 700 EFI atv, unfortunately this quad doesnt come with a horn so i cant use that. If i have to purchase a switch or button, do you have one or could you recomend one that is compatable with your system. Thank you very much
    ANSWER:  We sell MPS Pro Pushbuttons. P/N 1-0059
    QUESTION:  iI have an 01 f4i with micron full exaust with k n filter and the map to match do i need another map with this kit?
    ANSWER:  You can get maps at www.powercommander.com
    QUESTION:  i have an 02 f4i with micron highmount and a k n air filter. I do have an powercommander and the map for the exhaust with the air filter. Do i need another map for this kit?
    ANSWER:  maps are available at www.powercommander.com. I would reccomend a good tuner and a dyno to tune your power commander though.
    QUESTION:  Can i use that kit for 110cc pocket bike
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:  hey i have a 2004 gsxr 750 and want to drag what nos kit should i use and what power commander should i get to go with it? also what about putting new cams?
    ANSWER:  Depends how much HP you are after. PC3USB power Commander. Cams depend on engine combination.
    QUESTION:  Hello, I have an '03 Ninja 636-R, ive seen some questions where you say you will need a power commander for this bike, and others you say as long as you run the 20hp jet, you dont need a power commander, could you clear this up, thanks alot.
    ANSWER:  The best way is to tune on a dyno. Make a pull with the 20 HP jet and check the A/F ratio. If it is OK then you are good to go. If not you will need to richen mixture with a power commander or MPS Fast FI.
    QUESTION:  will it work for 150cc 2stoke bike and what will be its cost
    ANSWER:  Not a dry kit. You will need a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000 I want to have the nitrous kit but I don't want anybody to know I got I where could it be hidden besides the air box or the back shell
    ANSWER:  Wherever you can find space.
    QUESTION:  I have a completely stock 2006 CBR 600RR, will this kit work? Do i need anything besides this kit? Will it mount in my bike stock or will i have to make any mods? Thanx in advance!
    ANSWER:  It is a universal kit. You will need to find spots for the components. A powercommander is the only other item needed.
    QUESTION:  ok,i bought your dry kit system for a gsxr 750 02 and i went to fill the bottle,first it is very hard to get the bottle filled in tucson,they said they had bad bottles coming through and blowing as it is being filled, but anyway i told them what i got and i was going to run a 30hp hit.the one thing they said was i need to have a psi gauge to be safe,thats fine but they acted very worried about the dry shot and that if the mass air senser or computer did not pick up the nos that is coming in and go lean im done. is this something to worry about or.........also i ordered a blanket for cold wheather is there one for hot wheather to keep the bottle cool
    ANSWER:  No, there isn't a hot weather blanket. You will need a power commander or MPS Fast FI to richen fuel mixture when using nitrous. The intake air temp sensor will only compensate for the smaller 20 HP shot.
    QUESTION:  how about 110, 125, 150 cc or hp, can i use this product?
    ANSWER:  A wet kit, not dry.
    QUESTION:  -----Original Message----- From: Gilliam Cpl James A [mailto:james.gilliam@usmc.mil] Sent: Jueves, 28 de Septiembre de 2006 02:00 p.m. To: 1Tail Customer Service Subject: NOS system To Whom it may Concern, Recently I purchased a GSXR 1000 (2006) I would like to purchase a NOS kit however, I want it mainly for show. I was wondering do you have a kit that I could buy that also came with a purge valve. I know this question seems kind of odd but I am building this bike mostly for show than I am speed. The most out of this system that I would like to get is maybe run it on the track a few times and then at shows be able to hit the purge button and show off a little. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you James
    ANSWER:  The purge is a seperate item. 3-16030NOS is the purge kit p/n. They also have LED purge kits p/n 3-16033 that purge through a blue light.
    QUESTION:  I have an 06 Kawasaki zx-6r 636. would i have to get a powercommander in order to run this kit 1-0323?
    ANSWER:  Yes, or a MPS Fast FI.
    QUESTION:  I have 06 Suzuki M109R.What nitrous kit would you reccomend for this bike? Thanks in adavance.
    ANSWER:  The 1-0323 dry kit with a power commander or Fast FI.
    QUESTION:  ihave a02 zx9r what type of nos kit would you suggest. i only drag race the bike.
    ANSWER:  3-03008NOS Wet Kit
    QUESTION:  It seems like you get to answer the same QUESTIONS alot so i'll help you if you have a feul injected bike with some sort of feul enrichment system on it the kit will work so don't ask stupid Questions. I bet you have a head ache every night sorry had to get that out.
    ANSWER:  Gee, I thought no one ever read the questions?
    QUESTION:  i have a 1997 Ducati 916 with a fast by ferracci exhaust, race air box and computer. Will this kit work on my bike safely?
    ANSWER:  I believe the 916 is carbureted.
    QUESTION:   I have a gpz 1100 kawasaki 1983 with a stock fuel system what do I need to get more hp It has fuel injection.
    ANSWER:  You would need to do a custom fuel system to be able to use dry nitrous. I would use a wet system on this bike.
    QUESTION:  QUESTION: I have a 1994 Kawazaki ZX9R will this kit work for me? and can you ship it to denmark ANSWER: No, you need a wet kit. Do you have a wet kit on your website...?
    ANSWER:  p/n 3-03008
    QUESTION:   I have a 1994 Kawazaki ZX9R will this kit work for me? and can you ship it to denmark
    ANSWER:  No, you need a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  hi i have a 24 HP honda engine if u go to this link u will get some images. www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/NTE_AdditionalImages?storeId=6970&langId=-1&rfno=200320009 will this kit work for my engine and if not may i get a link to the one that would be right for me?
    QUESTION:  hi i have a 24 HP honda V-Twin if u go to this website u will get some pitcures of it. www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/NTE_AdditionalImages?storeId=6970&langId=-1&rfno=200320009 What type of system would i need? and how much would it enhance the power on it?
    ANSWER:  You can use a harley wet kit with small jets.
    QUESTION:  will this kit fit a 2006 yamaha raptor 700 atv? i have a powercommander and eFI
    ANSWER:  yes.
    QUESTION:  Sorry, but after reading all of these Q&A's, I have to ask the question. "I have a fuel injected bike, will nos work on it"? Just Jokes!
    ANSWER:  Funny!!!! Look at the powercommander answers for some more laughs!!
    QUESTION:  Hi I have a 2005 R6 and have wanted NOS for ages! What kit do I need to buy, will I need to make any modifications? I dont have a power commander, will I need to buy one? If I need any other brackets or anything please just list them and I will order them. Thanks Ned.
    ANSWER:  You will need a power commander. Most of the time the space is so limited you won't need brackets.
    QUESTION:  Sir I have a stock 05 honda cbr 600 rr no exhaust no nothing. will this nitrous kit damage my engine?
    ANSWER:  No.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2005 ninja 636 with a slip on muzzy and k&n air filter what kit would i need to just be able to bolt on go in a day
    ANSWER:  The 1-0323 kit can be istalled in an afternoon.
    QUESTION:  but does this kit include the bracket for thr bottle? a purge valve? any addinal accesorys .. im new to nos and want everything needed. Please include part numbers aswell
    ANSWER:  You probably won't need a bracket. Usually there is little room for a bracket. We have them if you want one though. p/n 1-0136 Purge is a seperate non essential accessory. 3-16030nos
    QUESTION:  have an 01 GSXR 600 with a full Yoshi, Power Commander III USB, NGK Irridium plugs, K & N Air Filter and need to know what kit would be bolt on ? any items i would need as well plz adv ? Im looking for more hp on the track
    ANSWER:  1-0323 is a complete kit.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2001 gsxr 600 i want to add nos to it. what kit would i need to install the 20-40h as claimed? Would i need anything else. plz include all i would need to make it shine at the track. include bracket any needed items so i can order asap
    ANSWER:  All you need is the kit and a power commander.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R and basically my question is how safe is this for your engine... seeing as your obviously injecting a lot of explosive content into an aluminum engine block... and when injected does it just squirt nitrous or is it a nitrous/fuel mixture entering the engine.... I just dont want to install this kit and use it a few times and have it blow up my engine or something.... and can the average person with basic knowledge of motorcycles intall this kit on a weekend or something... THanks for your time
    ANSWER:  Nitrous oxide is an oxidizer. It is not flammmable. It does contain twice the oxygen molecules of air in the atmoshere. You will need to add the appropriate amount of fuel to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio when the nitrous oxide is introduced. You can do this via a power commander or a Fast FI Mixture Control. Yes, The average person can install these items in an afternoon. A trip to the dyno for correct tuning and to be sure you have the correct A/F ratio.
    QUESTION:  i would like to get the mps nitrous kit with the 2lb bottle for my 06 gsxr600 i need a purge kit for it and also where can i mount it at on this bike thank you Jake
    ANSWER:  You may need to move things around. Don't know if you can find space for a 2# bottle.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2002 CBR 600F4I will it work and do you know the bracket size also any mods need to be done?
    ANSWER:  Yes, It is a universal kit for all fuel injected bikes. The bracket holds a 3" diameter bottle.
    QUESTION:  I have an 02 road star warrior with a stage 4 hop up kit. It has no air filters and a factory upgraded computer as well as bigger fuel injectors. Will this kit work with my bike or do I need another type of fuel controler?
    ANSWER:  You will need a way to richen fuel mixture when spraying nitrous and with no air box you will need individual nozzles for each cylinder.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2004 GSXR 1000 the nitrous system is installed, my question is, is it necessary to have a purge system and if so can you recommend one. Thanks
    ANSWER:  No it isn't neccesary. A purge is needed when you heat bottles to above the running pressure before you run. Then purge them just before they run so they know exactly what bottle pressure they have at the start of their run. Everyone else does it because they think it looks cool.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2003 Electra Glide w/ EFI. it has aftermarket air filter and pipes and a race fueler installed. Not the race tuner. The rest of the engine is completely stock. My question is will a stock engine withstand the average use of the Nitrous? I have also heard that nitrous injected on an HD below 3000 RPM could be disasterous. And finally, will I have to adjust the timing at all? Thank you for your time.
    ANSWER:  You can use nitrous on a stock motor just be reasonable with the HP levels. A 20% increase in HP is usually safe. If you use good fuel your timing should be OK.
    QUESTION:  Hello, I have an (03 Kawasaki ninja zx6r 636). My question is, how fast my bike will go with stock parts, I just have the K&N filter, how many times can I use the nos before gets empty? and last question. Wish kit do you recommend me. Thanks
    ANSWER:  20 or so more HP. 20-30 seconds of NOS with a .028 jet. Dry kit 1-0323
    QUESTION:  hey guys will the "Dry Nitrous Kit For Fuel Injected Motorcycles (1lb Nitrous Bottle)" work on a Suzuki TL1000R 2001 model? If so I was just wondering how much it would be for shipping for the "Dry Nitrous Kit For Fuel Injected Motorcycles (1lb Nitrous Bottle)" I am in perth, western australia. cheerrs joel
    ANSWER:  It will work on any fuel injected bike. Shipping will be approximately $100 USD.
    QUESTION:  will the 1-0323 nitros kit fit a 2006 honda cbr1000rr? And how many miles should you have on a new bike before installing if possible?
    ANSWER:  Yes it will work. 600 miles should be fine.
    QUESTION:  I recently purchased this kit and have lost my installation paperwork. My order # was 13333. Wendy Butler. Is it possible to have the instructions emailed or faxed to me PLEASE.
    ANSWER:  Hi Wendy, I will trasck down your order and see what I need to send you. This will be today. Thanks, Jason
    QUESTION:  can it be controlled progresivly?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  I have a 2005 Triumph Daytona 955I, Will this kit work? And do I need A power commander?
    ANSWER:  The kit will work, but you will need some means of richening fuel when using the nitrous. A powercommander will work fine.
    QUESTION:  I Have a 2006 H-D Street Glide. Will this work with the Screamin Eagle Race Tuner or do I need your EFI Computer?
    ANSWER:  It will work with any device that will richen fuel mixture. You can tune the nitrous to the available fuel.
    QUESTION:  Will the Dry kit fit my '04 1600 Kawasaki Mean Streak, thanks in advance
    ANSWER:  Yes.
    QUESTION:  Will this kit work for a carburetted R1 though?
    ANSWER:  No, you need a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  looking nos kit for 92 intruder 1400.please send me any info you have on this.thanks.Dan.
    ANSWER:  A NOS harley wet kit would be what you want.
    QUESTION:  Does the kit come with a bracket? At 20HP how long will the spray last? Any other accesories for this kit besides what is on the page?
    ANSWER:  No bracket. About 25 seconds.
    QUESTION:  05 rc51 with pc3,full race exhaust, and k&n filters---dose this kit have everything i need and can i hook two bottles together?
    ANSWER:  Yes, it has everything you need. You can plumb 2 bottles together.
    QUESTION:  I have an 01 honda F4i. and was wondering the difference in a wet system and dry system and which one is recomended for just a slip on and filter. also looking for some web sites that sell engine upgrades looking to get some outrageouse horsepower out of a 600 to surprise some people. thank you much.
    ANSWER:  A dry system relies on the fuel injection to richen fuel mixture when introducing nitrous. A wet system has its own fuel system to richen fuel when introducing nitrous.
    QUESTION:  waiting on a responce on becoming a dealer since fri.may 5th i would like to make an order is there any way you can help
    QUESTION:  Do you have to run a "dry kit" on a fuel injected bike. (4 cylinder)
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:  hey. i have a vtx1800 and i am ready to buy is there any thing else i would need to order from u besides part #1-0323
    ANSWER:  Nothing except something to add fuel like a power commander.
    QUESTION:  I have a 02 Harley Roadking with a 124inch fuel injected twin cam motor and am having some detonation problems in 5th and 6th gear (during heavy throttle) using pump gas. Can I install this system on my HD and will it liminate my problem. Also I was thinking about calling Snow Performance about maybe installing a meth/h2o injection system onboard because it gets hot down here in Florida. May be alot of work though. Bruce
    ANSWER:  The nitrous would compound the problem. You need to retard the timing and/or richen fuel mixture under those heavy load conditions.
    QUESTION:  I have an 2000 model SV650 with about 8000 miles, do I need to do any specific maintainance before an install of this kind? Would I use the wet kit and would it come with complete install instructions? Do I have to modify the bike in any way or will this be a complete bolt-on kit?
    ANSWER:  Both kits are a bolt on. Dry for EFI and wet for carbureted. You need a means to adjust the EFI for more fuel for the Dry kit as well.
    QUESTION:  i own a 2000 gsxr600 srad carb. I want to add nitrous to it mainly for show. In other words i want to purge it for looks, love that spray. My question is what kind of system would i need, or could i do it with just the bottle and a purge system. thanks for your help in advance.
    ANSWER:  All you would need is a bottle and a purge valve.
    QUESTION:  what else could i do to make my 2002 r1 faster to add more hp
    QUESTION:  I was wondering if there was a safe way to use your street bike nitrous kits to hook up to a dirt bike, a 1995 YZ 250 (it's a two stroke)? If so, would the gears and motor need to be changed for higher speed like a street bike, or could it stay the way it is for hill climbing and tight coners?
    ANSWER:  You would need a wet kit for a single cylinder.
    QUESTION:  Do you offer a TPS "black box" to richen the mixture (as opposed to the pcIII set up)? If not, can you reccomend one?
    ANSWER:  Our Fast FI Mixture Control will richen mixtures at low and high speed via pots.
    QUESTION:  does this kit come with everthing to put this on my 2003 1000 gsxr. how about the instructions
    ANSWER:  yes, it comes with all parts needed.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2002 yamaha r1 how much hp is a dry kit gonna geve me
    ANSWER:  20-60
    QUESTION:  I have a 1998 Honda VTR1000 Superhawk will this kit work for me?
    ANSWER:  If it has EFI
    ANSWER:  Yes, you can use nitrous.
    QUESTION:  I was wondering if you could help me, Im looking to buy a nitrous system for my 2001 Suzuki TL 1000 R, you have many kits avalible but im unsure of what I need, do you sell a complete kit with everything I would need? I would like to set up 2 small bottles under the rear cowl.. Thanks for your help in this matter..
    ANSWER:  The dry kit is complete.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2004 vtx 1800c with a cobra 1200fi fuel processor will that work for a dry system,and would i need to buy anything else besides the kit you offer
    ANSWER:  All you need is a means to richen fuel when nitrous is added.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2005 zx6r where the hell can i mount it with an undertail exhaust and still hide it has anybody mounted it under a rear seat cowl.
    ANSWER:  I don't know where you can mount the bottle on that bike. You may have to move parts around to hide it.
    QUESTION:  i want a wet kit for carbuerated r-1,if you dont have,can you point me in the right direction.?
    ANSWER:  NOS P/N 3-03008NOS
    QUESTION:  do you sell complete kit bottle braided lines solenoid everthing you would need even hardware and all even mount for 1 pound bottle,for carbureated 2000 yamaha r-1
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:  Do you sell this to Europe also, or do you have a dealer there?
    ANSWER:  We sell direct to Europe form this site.
    QUESTION:  Will this system work on a 1999 HD FLHRCI 1450CC? Thanks.
    ANSWER:  If it has EFI.
    QUESTION:  I have a K2 GSX-R1000 and want a bit more out of her. Has got Yoshi RS3, Power Commander and KN filter, just wondering if you ship to Australia and whats your price in AUD. Thanks in advance. Slider...
    ANSWER:  Same price in USD
    QUESTION:  What kit would I use on a 2003 Z1000 running 4 pod filters (no airbox)? Bike is EFI. Thanks
    ANSWER:  You would need to run a distribution block with 4 nozzles.
    QUESTION:  I have a Hayabusa 2005 model.What is the minimum Nitrus botle size,in order to fit under the back seat,without any change?
    ANSWER:  1#
    QUESTION:  I have a 2003 Yamaha R1 I would like to put Nitrous on. Could I put a wet kit in front of the injectors in the manifold?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  i have a 00 r6, w/carbs. would it hurt my bike if i install via the airbox? little shot of nitrous.
    ANSWER:  It will run too lean.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2001 honda RC-51 with micron pipes the bike has 16000 miles on it and I was wondering if the kit would decrease the motor life at all given that I only use a 20hp gain and use it moderately..
    ANSWER:  I don't think you will have any noticeable increase in engine wear.
    QUESTION:  Ok here is my dumb question. Will it fit a 2003 fatbot, with samson pipes, arlee ness air cleaner, EFI 88 inch? I plan to bump up to a 95 inch with a new cam. Thanks
    ANSWER:  It is a universal kit and will work with any EFI bike.
    QUESTION:  hi do you have a nos kit for a 1991 gsxr 750 and whats the price for it
    ANSWER:  Yes, 765.00
    QUESTION:  will it plug into 2001 fatbot efi stock wire directly
    ANSWER:  no
    QUESTION:  Hi! I have '05 hayabusa, stock w/ TRE. I want 40 hp. dry set-up, do I need PC3, what do you recommend? What esle do I need, & any effects when switched off? Thanks, Ride-on!
    ANSWER:  You will need some means to richen fuel when spraying nitrous. PC3USB will work fine.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2002 CBR F4I with k&n air filter and a slip on exhaust, would this kit work on this stock motor? If so, what size bottle should I purchase to fit under my back seat? What mod's would I have to do to the bike? Do you have a wet kit?
    ANSWER:  Small jets will work fine. We have many sizes, you will need to measure to find out. Yes, wet kits are available.
    QUESTION:  what mount does it take to mount under the fender of a 2005 gsxr 600
    ANSWER:  Whatever you can fabricate.
    QUESTION:  Will this work on a '06 softail harley.It is modified with Vance & hines pipes,screamin' eagle air system and stage one computer burn.EFI.
    ANSWER:  Yes, it will work on a EFI Harley.
    QUESTION:  Do you have kits for 98 Honda Valkyrie?
    ANSWER:  Yes, Wet kits for 6 cylinder with carbs or a dry kit for EFI
    QUESTION:  how does this setup work with a pc3 usb?
    ANSWER:  Yes.
    QUESTION:  I have an 03' ZX6RR will this Dry kit work fine on it?
    ANSWER:  Yep
    QUESTION:  I have an 05' gixxer 750 i knoe the kit will work but do i need a power commander or will the stock fuel system compensate for the nitrous? What octane would be best to run when i spray?? THanks for the info bts
    ANSWER:  20HP stock is ok, any more and you will need a means to richen fuel mixture. 100 plus octane with bigger HP.
    QUESTION:  Do you make a kit for a XR650l Honda?
    ANSWER:  This kit will work on any EFI bike.
    QUESTION:  I have a stock 2003 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior with fuel injection system; will Dry NOS be okay? Is it easy to install?
    ANSWER:  Yes, it will work fine. Very easy to install.
    QUESTION:  will a 1lb bottel hurt my bike it is a gsxr 600 it a 2005 it has pipe and power comder
    ANSWER:  The dry kit will work fine with 20 HP jets.
    QUESTION:  Kit 10323 come with mounting bracket
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:  Hello, I have a '04 r6. I have added a micron slip on, power commander, and k&n air filter. I am cosidering purchasing the 1lb nitrous kit. Is this safe to run on a stock engine or will I need to do engine upgrades such as a piston exchange or will the stock engine hold up fine?
    ANSWER:  Stock motor should be fine for small HP gains.
    QUESTION:  I have an 04 gsxr 1000 w/a pcIII usb power commander. It is already mapped for my exhaust and filter will I have to re-program it if I put the nos kit on? Thanks.
    ANSWER:  No just change the high side with the buttons to add fuel when running the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  1) will this work on my 95cc carbureted 2004 Harley Dyna Lowrider? 2) if it does, can I get it with two bottles?
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:  Will this work for a 04 SV650?
    ANSWER:  If it is fuel injected.
    QUESTION:  Im looking for edelbrock nitrous kit for a Harley Davidson twin cam. could you tell me where i could purchase this. thank you, Jim
    QUESTION:  will it work on harley fatboy 2001 efi 95 in
    ANSWER:  sure
    QUESTION:  I am looking for a nitrous kit for my 2005 Victory Hammer V-twin. It has a 100ci motor and is fuel injected. I would like a 2 10oz bottle set up or equivilant style to mount on the sides of the tank similar to the Borguette motorcycles. Do you have anything that will work? I am not looking for too much power, maybe 20-40 horse??? Thanks Andrew
    ANSWER:  Basic dry kit will work fine with 10 oz bottles.
    QUESTION:  do they make a nitro kit for a 2002 zx 6e and thanks 4 the answer on the dry nitro
    ANSWER:  Yes, the universal nitrous kit will work.
    QUESTION:  will this work on 02 cbr600 and triumph daytona 955i 2002 ?
    ANSWER:  If its injected.
    QUESTION:  do i have to do motor work for a nitro kit..................
    ANSWER:  no
    QUESTION:  hey i own a 2003 gsxr 1000, only mods done are slip on micron ,billit velocity stacks,and a TRE,how reliable is this kit with stock pistons,and how much power could i look at increasing..thanks SSG Grochowiak ..Afghanistan
    ANSWER:  20-40 hp It is safe used correctly.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2005 yamaha road star warrior. want to add NOS to it. is the dry nitrous good for adding horsepower on my bike?
    ANSWER:  If it is injected it will work.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2002 Kawasaki MeanStreak 1500cc and it has fuel injection, i also have a power commander installed. Would the dry kit work on this bike, and what could i expect to gain
    ANSWER:  Yes, it will work. I would start with 20 hp.
    QUESTION:  I have a 05 gsxr 600, will buying this 1 lb kit and everythin hurt my bike after a while. I'm not going to use it that much.
    ANSWER:  No. as long as you have enough fuel for the nitrous you inject. Find out on a dyno after installation.
    QUESTION:  Will this work on a 94 Kawasaki zx6e?
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:  What will the dual nozzle kit add in horsepower and performance?
    ANSWER:  nothing.........it is for better distribution of larger HP nitrous systems.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2003 sv650 will this kit work on my bike, and if it wont what tipe of kit will thanks.
    ANSWER:  Yes, if its fuel injected a dry kit will work fine. If carbureted you will need a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  will this bottle fit under the seat cowl of my 05 gsxr 750?
    ANSWER:  Don't know. Bottle measures 3.25 x 10"
    QUESTION:  I have an 01 GSXR 600 with a full Yoshi, Power Commander III USB, NGK Irridium plugs, K & N Air Filter and a 4 degree timing advance. Will this NOS kit work with my mods if tuned in on a DYNO?
    ANSWER:  Sure
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