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M P S Dry Nitrous Kit Minus Bottle

Just imagine another 20 to 40 horsepower in just 2 hours! That's the reality of our Dry Nitrous Kit For Fuel Injected Motorcycles. Flip the switch to activate the nitrous and turn your horn button into a horsepower button. Our kit comes complete with all wiring. Most will plug directly into your stock wire harness. The MPS Dry Nitrous Kit was designed to easily increase horsepower of a four cylinder fuel injected motorcycle. By allowing the nitrous to pass the fuel injection sensors in the air box the factory fuel injection can compensate with more fuel for small shots of nitrous. These Dry Nitrous Kits exploit that ability and yield between 20 and 40 horsepower. They are strictly for fuel injected motorcycles. The MPS Dry Nitrous Kit For Fuel Injected Motorcycles is for use in closed course competition events only and are not for use on any public street or highway.

  • Easy 2 Hour Installation
  • Stealth Starter Button Activation
  • Push In Fittings
  • 3 Different Power Levels
    Item no.1-0346

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  • Complete Installation Instructions
     other options:
    Daytona Wego III Wide Band O2 System
    m p s bottle bracket tube clamp 1 1/4
    m p s bottle bracket tube clamp 1''
    m p s dry nitrous dual nozzle kit
    WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  Will this kit work on my 03 blaster
    ANSWER:  It will work on any fuel injecfted vehicle.
    QUESTION:  i have a 06zx10 how big of a dry shot can i use before i need to play with timing
    ANSWER:  40 should be safe
    QUESTION:  do i need a power commander to add spray to my gsxr100 03
    ANSWER:  You don't have to have one but some sort of fuel mgmt is recommended for bigger shots.
    QUESTION:  i have 06 r6 would i need to tune the bike after puttin spray on it are can i just spay it i do have a power commander
    ANSWER:  We recommend dyno tuning
    QUESTION:  i have hayabusa with a 1397. which is hte best kit and would i have to change for fuel system
    ANSWER:  The Spyder Kit is the best set up
    QUESTION:  i have a 03 r1 and i wont a nitrous set up what would u suggest and do i have to have a power commander
    ANSWER:  The new MPS Spyder Dry Kit is the best for all fuel injected bikes.
    QUESTION:  i have a 200 kaw zx 9 r what nos do i need and do i have to do any thing to the motor
    ANSWER:  Wet Kit P/N 3-03008NOS. Not with small HP jets.
    QUESTION:  I was reading your q&a on this section and you seem to tell anyone who has a carberated bike to use the wet kit '3-03008nos'. but when I search this number on your website nothing seems to come up. am I missing something?
    QUESTION:  i have a kawi 06 636 will it work and will i need a power commander
    ANSWER:  Yes & Yes
    QUESTION:  I have heard that this will not work on newer fuel injected Buells like the Firebolt because of the electronics. Is this true and if not, why then? Thanks
    ANSWER:  I don't know why it wouldn't. You will need a fuel enrichening device to add fuel when using nitrous.
    QUESTION:  hello sorry for asking so many ? just difficult to make a dessision when every body gives different answers. i have 2006 zx 6rr would like to put nitrous but my boddy that works on my bike said not to do it motor will get very hot and will basicly melt it. what is your answer?
    ANSWER:  Get a new mechanic!
    QUESTION:  how much closer will it get my 2006 zx6rr to bigger bike like 1000cc?
    ANSWER:  30-40 HP closer
    QUESTION:  sorry I wasnt sure if yiy got my email. I have 2006 kawasaki zx6rr. with powercommender, slipon, went one tooth down front spracket, my friends have bigger bikes then me and making fun of me all the time, i still kick their buts on the turns, but no match for the bigger bike, do you think by putting nos i will be able to smoke them? is it safe to use and not demaging motor? thank you
    ANSWER:  Nitrous will get you closer.
    QUESTION:  Hi what will i need to kit out my 2003 HD 88c.i. thanks.
    ANSWER:  If EFI a dry kit if carbs a wet kit.
    QUESTION:  i have a 01 yzf r1 and a cbr 900rr 94. i want a nitrous kit for both bikes,dry or wet,how much could they take? what is the best kit for this.
    ANSWER:  The EFI bike would get a Dry Kit and the Carb models get wet kits. About 50 HP is all I would do without timing retards.
    QUESTION:  I'm looking to put a nitrous kit onto my Yamaha Triple I have put together. Is there a kit for carbs and how much would it run me? Expected HP? Any other mods? Can I get everything in a kit?
    ANSWER:  It would be a wet kit p/n 3-03004NOS 866.48
    QUESTION:  I have 2006 R1 I want to have 20 of the head stock cams and pistons can I do more than 20?
    ANSWER:  You should be able to get 30-40 HP tuned correctly.
    QUESTION:  Can you give me a price on a dry nos kit for a honda 04 600rr with 2 polished 10oz bottles please?? How many seconds will a 10oz bottle last?? I dont run a power commander , but would like about 15-20hp increase. Will i damage the stock motor ?? Will the nos kick in hard or build up ?? thank you nick
    ANSWER:  The pricing is just a kit without a bottle and 2 10 OZ bottles. a 10 oz bottle will last about 10 seconds. You will need an enrichening device.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2002 R1 that needs nitrous (i think so ,but not wifey)can i add a purge kit to this system for a little more intimidation?
    ANSWER:  Yes, the standard NOS purge kit works great. And its also available with LED lights.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2003 vtx 1800c with a hypercharger vance and hines bigshot pipes and a pc111 usb. what percantage horse poser gain can i expect with your system and is dual better hp or single the same.
    ANSWER:  The HP is contrlled by the size of the jets. Single or dual will make the same HP. Even distribution is the reason for dual nozzles. I am not sure how much extra power the VTX can handle. I would start with 20 - 30.
    QUESTION:  would it be better to tap into the neck of the throttle body for spray or the bottom of the hypercharger on the vtx1800
    ANSWER:  bottom of the hypercharger or dual nozzles, one for each port.
    QUESTION:  I want everything neended to mount and use a kit on a 06ZX10 what else do I need ;ie, bottle clamp, hoses. Also do I NEED a power comander or can i run it on a stock bike.
    ANSWER:  You will need a power commander. You will need to find a place on the bike for the bottle. We have universal bottle brackets to help with fabrication.
    QUESTION:  What kit would be right for a vtx 1300 carb?
    ANSWER:  A harley wet kit 3-03011-oznos
    QUESTION:  will this kit work on a guzzi v1100 sport inj
    ANSWER:  You will need to find a means to richen fuel mixture when you use nitrous.
    QUESTION:  I have a stock 2006 R6 i would like to buy this Dry Nitrous Kit!!! how much Hp can i get from it!!! were would i mount it!!! and what order mods would i need to do???
    ANSWER:  You will need a means to richen fuel mixture such as a power commander or MPS Fast FI. 20-40 HP gains are possible depending on fuel delivery available.
    QUESTION:  I'm looking to add the dry NOS kit to my 02 yzf r1 that has the undertail kit from hotbodies, and an extended swingarm, were would be a good location to mount the system that won't be prone to heat.
    ANSWER:  In front of the tire on the swingarm.
    QUESTION:  i have a 02 gsxr 750,it has a yosh bolt on ,K&n filterand a power commander.the bike has 30,000ml how high can i go and is there a map to down load for the commander?
    ANSWER:  You can use 20 - 30 HP safely. You just manually run the high rpm fuel adjustment fully rich before running the nitrous. You should tune the nitrous to this fuel setting.
    QUESTION:  hi, do you know if anyone has ever done an MPS dry nitrous kit on a buell xb12 using the MPS fast FI unit ? I am just wondering about possible jetting as the fast FI unit seems to add lots of fuel...
    ANSWER:  Yes, there are several installs but I don't know what jetting was used. I would start with the .028 jet and work your way up. Tuning on a dyno with a sniffer shouldn't take long to determine the correct jet. Use good quality fuel and possibly think about retarding timing slightly if you get to 40 plus HP.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2005 gsx-r600 now do i have the injector sencor in the air box so i dont have to buy the power comander
    ANSWER:  You can use a small jet with no power commander, but I would recommend one.
    QUESTION:   I have a 1983 1100 kawasaki four cylinder what do i need to get about 50 more hp. if i can it stock right now
    ANSWER:  A wet nitrous kit. 3-03008nos
    QUESTION:  will this kit work for an 03 R6 and does the power commander need to be tuned after i install it
    ANSWER:  Yes it will work. You run the high rpm fuel all the way up when you run the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  What would you suggest for a 1800 vtx I need to get past a friends 2000cc kawasaki
    ANSWER:  p/n 1-0323 Dry Nitrous Kit will do it.
    QUESTION:  How big of a shot can I put on a bone stock 2006 Kawasaki 636 without a power commander?
    ANSWER:  10-15 HP would be my guess. I wouldn't run without a way to richen fuel.
    QUESTION:  I have a 05' cbr600rr. My bike is stock, so would I need any other aftermarket parts just to get it to work. Also, how effective would it be. Is there a hide away kit?
    ANSWER:  You can get 20 - 40 HP or so. I would reccomend a power commander also.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2005 Kawsaki Vulkan Meanstreek 1600 and would like to add a nitrous kit to it. The question that I have is what would be the best for the bike. I don't know anything about nitrous wet or dry and I dont know what benifit either or has on a bike.
    ANSWER:  A dry kit is the best choice for a EFI bike.
    QUESTION:  is there a nitrous kit out for the 2006 gsxr 600,if so what part number is it?
    ANSWER:  1-0323 but, any of the dry kits will work. The only difference is bottle size. 1# is the most popular bottle size
    QUESTION:  what do kit do i need to kit my CBR 600F4I 2002? how much
    QUESTION:  is it possible to nos a 06 r1? and if so what do i need to make it happen?
    ANSWER:  Sure, a Dry Nitrous kit p/n 1-0323 and a power commander or Fast FI.
    QUESTION:  does the kit come with installation instruction
    ANSWER:  yes
    QUESTION:   I would like to know if this will work on my kawaski 2000cc 2005 model I have a procharger and apowercommander what else do I need to put this on for more horsepower
    ANSWER:  The basic kit is all you would need.
    ANSWER:  I would guess 30 - 40
    QUESTION:  what are the different power levels? I have a 2005 fjr 1300 can I get 50hp from kit alone?
    ANSWER:  You will need a Fast FI or a power commander to add fuel as well as te kit.
    QUESTION:  what nitrous kits do you have for a ducati 996..and what bottles do you have..what hp gain I already have power commander fitted.. anything els needed..
    ANSWER:  The Dry Kit is universal and should be all you need.
    QUESTION:  Is it possible to run this nitrous system on my 06 YZF-R6S with everything stock except exhaust (blueflame slip-on) and air filter, or do i absolutely need a power commander?
    ANSWER:  You can use small jets without, but for any kind of serious power you will need more fuel.
    QUESTION:  i dot know anything about dry nitrous where could i get the bottle refilled.is it harder to find a place to refill than wet nitrous
    ANSWER:  The nitrous is the same. Dry refers to no fuel side.
    ANSWER:  Nope
    ANSWER:  No, everything else is included.
    QUESTION:  I have a 01 Gxsr 750, will the kit work for me?
    ANSWER:  Sure, Its injected.
    QUESTION:  do you give detailed instructions for specific bikes?mine is a 1800 vtx(C)Is there anything else to buy other than the bottle? I have a kury pro series air filter(k&n filter) a power commander(usb) and a d&d slip on pipe.thanks
    ANSWER:  They are generic instructions. Everything you need is in the kit.
    QUESTION:  I own a 2002 fuel injected 88ci HD Duece. Will the dry nitrous kit work on a Vtwin? I imagine you get asked the two cylinder question alot. VERY INTERESTED!! Thanks Chad
    ANSWER:  Yes, it is a universal kit and will work on any efi bike.
    QUESTION:  Does your company offer a system for my 1999 Suzuki TL1000s (4-stroke, 2 cylinder, V Twin). Your website only indicates 4-cylinder and if not where can i get one. Thanks for your time
    ANSWER:  It is universal and will work on any FI bike.
    QUESTION:  If I ordered this kit and a bottle. What else would I need for a 05 Yamaha R1?
    ANSWER:  A Fast FI Mixture Control or Power Commander if you want more than 20 HP or so.
    QUESTION:  do you have a kit for carburated sportbikes, yzf 600r?
    ANSWER:  Standard NOS wet kit 3-03008nos. Around $750
    QUESTION:  does this kit include the bottle mounting brackets? and if not how many should i use?
    ANSWER:  No, just one or none if its a real tight spot.
    QUESTION:  I'm curious as to how much stainless line your kit provides for running the line from the back of the bike to the front air intake. I would be putting a kit like this on a Honda VTX 1800 mounting the bottle(s) on the shock mounts. I would also need to know what extra I would need to run a dual bottle system. Putting a bottle on each shock mount. Thanks in advance
    ANSWER:  The kit comes with the solenoid mounted right to the bottle. No braided steel line. You would need a tee, 6 hose ends, and howerver many feet of line.
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