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M P S Dry Nitrous Kit W/2.5# Bottle

Just imagine another 20 to 40 horsepower in just 2 hours! That's the reality of our Dry Nitrous Kit For Fuel Injected Motorcycles. Flip the switch to activate the nitrous and turn your horn button into a horsepower button. Our kit comes complete with all wiring. Most will plug directly into your stock wire harness. The MPS Dry Nitrous Kit was designed to easily increase horsepower of a four cylinder fuel injected motorcycle. By allowing the nitrous to pass the fuel injection sensors in the air box the factory fuel injection can compensate with more fuel for small shots of nitrous. These Dry Nitrous Kits exploit that ability and yield between 20 and 40 horsepower. They are strictly for fuel injected motorcycles. The MPS Dry Nitrous Kit For Fuel Injected Motorcycles is for use in closed course competition events only and are not for use on any public street or highway.

  • Easy 2 Hour Installation
  • Stealth Starter Button Activation
  • 2.5 lb. Nitrous Bottle
  • Push In Fittings
  • 3 Different Power Levels
  • Mounting dimensions for 2.5 lb. bottle: 4.5"x13" (does NOT include thickness of bracket)
    Item no.1-0361

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  • Complete Installation Instructions
     other options:
    Daytona Wego III Wide Band O2 System
    m p s bottle bracket tube clamp 1 1/4
    m p s bottle bracket tube clamp 1''
    m p s dry nitrous dual nozzle kit
    MPS Adjustable Switched Clutch Lever
    MPS Bottle Bracket 4.375`` (2 & 2.5# Bottles)
    N O S 1.0 LB. BOTTLE
    WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  What all do i need for an install on 2001 CBR 929RR
    ANSWER:  The kit is all you NEED. Extras include dual nozzle kit, purge kit, bottle bracket, etc
    QUESTION:  is it even possible to mount a 2.5lb bottle on a r6 any kind of way ? or i cant use it at all
    ANSWER:  Probably not unless you have an extended swingarm. The only possible way is to mount is off the footpeg (we do not recommend)
    QUESTION:  I have this kit but power not enough any more I nerd more what can I do riding the honda repsol 2007 1000rr
    ANSWER:  You can order a dual nozzle kit p/n 1-0350 and run double jets or you can order larger single jets
    QUESTION:  I have a 2000 Tl 1000 R with a power commander, do you have the settings for power commander with Full header and tail Yosh pipes??
    ANSWER:  No. You may want to ask Dynojet for a map.
    QUESTION:  Will this set up fit and work on a 2007 Honda cbr600rr?
    ANSWER:  It will work with any fuel injected bike with an airbox. You will have to find a place for the bottle.
    QUESTION:  how do I change the power levels
    ANSWER:  change the jetting
    QUESTION:  Will this system work on an 03 Kawasaki Mean Streak?
    ANSWER:  If it is fuel injected
    QUESTION:  using a .036 jet (60 hp) how much fuel needs to be added to an r6
    ANSWER:  15-20%. You should have the bike tuned to be safe.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2000 yzf R6s carburated. Intake, exhaust, stage 2 jets. What all do I need to put nitrous on my bike?
    ANSWER:  Carburated bikes need to use a wet nitrous kit.
    QUESTION:  I have a 1999 r1 it had a 240 wet shot but i took it off win i vot the bike can i use any of the stuff for a dry shot or do i have to buy all new dry shot kit
    ANSWER:  The solenoid, lines, and jets can be used in dry systems. Carburated bikes require wet systems.
    ANSWER:  Please call MPS at 321-972-8282 for wiring tech
    ANSWER:  please call MPS at 321-972-8282
    QUESTION:  Have a m109r V-twin. Would like to try nitros. No mods. Will it work and how much H.P..
    ANSWER:  Nitrous will work. Horsepower depends on the jets used and how aggressive you want to be.
    QUESTION:  on the dry nos kit can you run the mpi fi and the power commander 3 at the same time
    ANSWER:  yes
    QUESTION:  i have a 09 r6 with a power commander how do i adjust the power commander to ride on the streets then go to the track and use the the nos
    ANSWER:  You could use a power commander hub to switch maps if using a pc3usb. If you have a pc5 (which most 09 bikes use) it has a built-in hub function.
    QUESTION:  i have an 2009 r6 with full exhaust system and power commander will it work with that
    ANSWER:  yes
    QUESTION:  Is there any way that I could connect two 2.5 bottles with a T-fitting or is there a special fitting that I would need?
    ANSWER:  We have a -4 Y fitting that will work. It is part #72-MP-6244 and is $28
    QUESTION:  Ihave a 1983 Honda Magna V65-can I Spay the air box if the air fuel ratio is correct ? Dels Perforamce shop in Brownsburg IN say no problem.Last reading was @13to1-By the way looking to do 20 shot
    ANSWER:  Dels Performance is correct. Add about 5% fuel for a 20hp shot.
    ANSWER:  If you can add between 10 and 15 percent fuel with your Nitro X you will be OK.
    QUESTION:  will a 2.5lb NOS bottle fit under the hump of a hayabusa if so how
    ANSWER:  No. The 2 lb bottle witll fit. A bottle bracket is also available.
    QUESTION:  What else do I need for my 06 mean streak 1600 to run NOS and does it damage the motor?
    ANSWER:  A powercommander. No.
    QUESTION:  Can the dry kit be done with stainless lines at a custom length, with a T fitting, and no bottle?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  If i put a power comander on my bike to compensate for the nos will my bike allways run rich except when using the nos???
    ANSWER:  You will need to richen it manually each time you use the nitrous, then return it to the non nitrous setting after spraying.
    QUESTION:  I have a Harley-Davidson 2006 Street Glide FI, can this kit be put on the bike?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you will need a power commander or other device to richen fuel mixture when using the nitrous as well.
    QUESTION:  Hi i have a 2005 cbr600rr can i use this kit and run 20hp shot with out any other mods?? the bike only has a slip on and 2000miles on it. thanks
    ANSWER:  You will need a means to richen fuel mixture as well. Like a powercommander.
    QUESTION:  I keep hearing that nitrous distorts aluminum motors, if so how long before i need to rebuild a motor for 05 gsxr 600
    ANSWER:  You have heard wrong.
    QUESTION:  I have your nos kit, really know when is the best time to spray. Its a 2 mile race
    ANSWER:  Last 1/2 - 1/4 mile is where I would spray.
    QUESTION:  how do u add a dry shot nitros to a velocity stg 2 turbo system
    ANSWER:  call
    QUESTION:  i got a 2006 gsxr 1000 with a yosh pipe power commander and velocity stacks im lookin 2 buy the mps nitrous kit i dont want to keep my bike running rich when im not spraying my question is can i run the mps fast mixture control with the power comander to richen up the fuel just to spray and go back to the normal pcd map on the fly?
    ANSWER:  yes, you can use the Fast FI with the power commander. Just zero out the settings in the Fast FI and use the instant rich lead only.
    QUESTION:  can you tell me how evenly does this nitrous system spray into the air box if there is only one entry point.... how does the nitrous get spread evenly to each port? can seperate nozzels be placed over each velocity stack? your help is greatly appreciated thanks.
    ANSWER:  You can use dual nozzles to insure even distribution. With one nozzle we put it wherever the air enters the intake tract. This gives it the furthest distance to mix.
    QUESTION:  i emailed about getting a kit for a nearly stock gsxr 750. With the dry kit 1-0323 that was suggested, would you suggest a dual nozzle, diff jets, purge kit, or any other access?
    ANSWER:  Nope, just a power commander and 30 HP jets.
    QUESTION:  Working on an internally stock 2005 gsxr 750 with a performance intake, full yosh exhaust, power commander 3, and dynojet ignition. I am looking for a full system, full nitrous kit, jets, control unit, and anything else you can suggest for a good shot of 20 to 40 horse without harming stock engine components.
    ANSWER:  All you need is a dry kit p/n 1-0323.
    QUESTION:  dont know if it went threw...but my main issue was if i got a dry kit for my sv650 would i have to buy a power commander also on top of buying a dry kit?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you will need a means of adding fuel when using the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  I have a sv650 with everything and anything done to it, looking in to jumping the horsepower up a little...what would be the best system for my bike?
    ANSWER:  If its an EFI bike a dry system is what you want. If it has carbs you will need a wet system.
    QUESTION:  i have a dry mps nitrous kit, and a carbureted 1000cc engine how do i make my system wet. can i just buy another solenoid?
    ANSWER:  You will need 4 fogger nozzles, fuel pump, fuel solenoid,jets, lines, and fittings.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2006 GSXR600 it has dual ram air intakes. Whould i need two nozzles for the best performance or would one work just fine. thank you for your time.
    ANSWER:  One would work fine. Two would be for better distribution, not more power.
    QUESTION:  We at Xchoppers.com would like to become a dealer for your nitrous oxide kits. Please contact us at 209.833.6174 or email us at: Sales@Xchoppers.com Thank You, Grant Merritt (owner) Xchoppers
    QUESTION:  i have suzuki bandit 400 cc and i need nitros!!! will this kit be fine for my bike?
    ANSWER:  If it has EFI.
    QUESTION:  I was looking at diffrent sites for nitrous systems some stated// for bikes wet nitrous only works on a EFI system..Question. i have 2000 r6 carb. i also jeted the bike stage 3 jet kit i have a air full ratio tester. would i be able to run only a 20hp of nitrous (dry shot) under 10 second a time on the bike are will that be to hard on the motor. .... i know for automotive nitrous kit it as a fuel jet and air jet let me know all thanks what size of jet is 10 hp 20 hp 35 hp
    ANSWER:  No, with carbs you will need a wet kit!
    QUESTION:  i have a 2005 gsxr1000 with a micron high mount slip on and a dyno jet power commander will this kit be ok to use, is there any special type of oil i should use while running this
    ANSWER:  No special oil. You will need to richen high rpm of power commander when you use the nitrous.
    ANSWER:  You can wait for the new Hub that will allow dual mapping for nitrous. Should be available in Feb or sooner.
    QUESTION:  I WANT THE DRY KIT BUT IS THE MAX OUTPUT 40 OR DO I NEED 2 ADD SOMETHING WITH THIS CAUSE I WANT THE MAX OUT OF THIS KIT 4 MY 03 BUSA.how many days will it take me 2 recieve when i place my order coming 2 ga.
    ANSWER:  2 day shipping to GA. You can do up to 65-70 HP with a MPS Fast FI Mixture Control.
    QUESTION:  Hello I have an 06' Suzuki M109R 1800cc. What system if any would work on this bike and what other upgrades should be made?
    ANSWER:  You would need a dry kit and a power commander.
    QUESTION:  Do you refill the bottles with regular nitrous oxide that most performance shops carry?
    ANSWER:  yes, there is only one kind of nitrous oxide.
    QUESTION:  Which kit do you recommend for a VTX 1800N '04 accessories also?
    ANSWER:  Dry kit w/power commander or Fast FI.
    QUESTION:  Do I have to remove the bottle when riding all day to avoid excessive heat from sun?
    ANSWER:  Maybe, It depends on temperature. If the bottle is going to get more than 100 or so degrees I would take it out of the sun. A gauge is a good idea.
    QUESTION:  HI CAN IT WORK ON 2 clynders motorbikes? like honda cd 200 ?? it's an old bike but my dad kept it for me and it is like new naw after some mechanical works but .. i dont have any space problem all the problem is (6v battery sestym) and (will it work on this old monster ;) ) and by the way i am egyption can this sent to me? and how much will be the cost? thanks
    ANSWER:  You will need a 12V system. a 2 cylinder kit is 3-03002NOS $794.81
    QUESTION:  hi I have a 2006 mean streak kawasaki 1600 cc it has a cone air intake and a powercomand, I would like to installed a dry nitrus kit..can it be done?
    ANSWER:  Sure, You will need to find a spot in the air filter or intake manifold to mount the nozzle.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2000 TL1000R vtwin. Will this kit fit it eventhough it says its for four cylinder bikes? and what mods do i need to do on it?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you will need a Fast FI or power commander.
    QUESTION:  i have a 250cc hooked up buggy i wanted to put dry no2 on it its carbed but i want to run 10 hp shot with 114 leaded race fuel cam 2. will that work with out going to wet?
    ANSWER:  No, you need a wet system to add fuel when nitrous comes on.
    QUESTION:  ok now i have a 2006 hayabusa where can i mount this and is it good to have a power comander with this product. will i have to change chains and sprockets for different horsepower.
    ANSWER:  No need to change gearing. You can mount the bottle in the tail piece. Yes, you will need a powercommander for additional fuel required by the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  Will the 2lb bottle fit under the cowl of the 2005 GSX-R1000? (gutted of course)
    ANSWER:  Not sure. Don't think so though.
    QUESTION:  I Have a 04 GSXR 1000 with full yoshi kit,TRE and powercommand. Will I have to worry about blowing my engine or damage to it with this system. I'm looking to go with the (40 shot). I want to get the most power allowed.
    ANSWER:  The 40 HP shot will be OK on the GSXR1000.
    QUESTION:  Ost again, I take it this will fit a TL1000R ? as it says for 4 clylinder bikes or do i need something else to go with it ? also in your reply you didn't give me a price to ship to the United kingdom. Regards Ost
    QUESTION:  in wich location in the filter box the nos jet is bolted pls reply ?
    ANSWER:  That depends on the set up, but I normally install them in the ram air tubes.
    QUESTION:  Intersted in you NOS kit for my TL if i install one does it go in the ram air tubes or are they best pointing directly into the air filter ? also can you ship to the United Kingdom if so can you give me a cost. Regards Ost.
    ANSWER:  I would install in the ram air tube.. Yes, we can ship to the UK.
    QUESTION:  i have a 999r ducati, can i put nitrous for it?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you can put nitrous on any internal combustion engine.
    QUESTION:  i have a dry nitrous kit but i did not install it. i have a 2003 gsxr-1000 with a dynojet ignition module/power commander 3 usb/ignition advancers/ivan/k&n air filter/d&d slip on. can i insall the kit ?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you can install the kit. I would not use any kind of timing advance. You actually may want to retard the timing a couple of degrees when using the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  do u have a kit for a 2001 zx7r?
    ANSWER:  I believe that bike is carbureted. It would use a NOS Wet Kit p/n 3-03008nos.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2004 GSXR 750, I want nos and i was wondering what chip should i get to richen the fuel.
    ANSWER:  We reccomend a power commander or a MPS Fast FI.
    QUESTION:  i have a Suzuki sv650s k3 V-Twin do you know if i can get hold of a turbo or supercharger for it at all ? Would you dry nitrous system work on it.
    ANSWER:  Yes, the dry kit will work fine.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2005 gsxr 600 with the dry nitrous on it that i drag race. i have a #28 jet in it. it ran a 10.52 with that jet in it. what is the biggest jet i can put in it?
    ANSWER:  You need to tune it on a dyno or use an O2 sensor to make sure it isn't to lean. That will determine the biggest jet.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2000 gsxr 750 and want to put a nos kit on it will it fit and if so what kit do i need?
    ANSWER:  The 1-0323 Dry Nitros Kit will work. You will need some means to richen fuel mixture as well.
    QUESTION:  i found a dry nos kit for $225 for my 03 r6. why is ur more money for same item. how many shots can i get out of a 2lbs bottle. where would the bottle mount. how big is the shot and what is recomended shot for my bike.
    ANSWER:  Its not the same kit. Does it have a switch swapper? 3 different jets? Tap? Nitrous fan spray nozzle? I would start with 20 HP. You will need a means to richen fuel mixture as well. You mount the bottle anywhere you have room. 2.5lb bottles are generally for mouting on an extended swingarm. You may try the 1# instead.
    QUESTION:  Have any customers doing a 2003 Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600 V-twin? I have a wild thing fuel control unit, will that work if I reduce the top band and richen it up for nitrous on?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you can use that for extra fuel. People have used the kits on mean streaks.
    QUESTION:  i've got a 2006 CBR1000RR. would i have to do any mods before putting ary nitrous system on? if so what?
    ANSWER:  No mods other than a means to richen fuel mixture like a power commander or a MPS Fast FI.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2003 r6 with yosh exhaust and bmc airfilter ,and i know that i need the power commander,and wat else do i needed for a nitrous kit 2 of your..? thanks
    ANSWER:  Just the 1-0323 Dry Kit and a means of richening fuel mixture when the nitrous is applied.
    QUESTION:  if i put this kit in the bike i have now, down the road could i remove it and install it in my new bike
    ANSWER:  Yes, as long as it has EFI.
    QUESTION:  Hello. I have a 05 CBR F4I with Jardine slip on and -1 front, do I need a powercommander with the dry nitrous kit? Anything else I need?
    ANSWER:  You will need apower commander or Fast FI to richen fuel mixture when you spray nitrous.
    QUESTION:  Is this a complete install kit including push button, and wiring harness?
    ANSWER:  Includes a switch swapper that turns your starter button into the nitrous button. Yes the kit is complete with the exception of an enrichening device like a power commander.
    QUESTION:  Is it ok to mount a 10 oz bottle on its side rather than vertical ?
    ANSWER:  You will lose capacity. Nitrous is liquid. With the bottle on its side it can only pick up from 1/2 way full and above. Plus you have the slosh factor. 10 OZ bottles have no siphon tube and must be mounted upside down or have a siphon tube installed.
    QUESTION:  do u have step by step or photo's how to install on a 1999 suzuki gsxr 750 srad
    ANSWER:  nope, sorry.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2005 yamaha yzf r1 could you send me a wiring diagram for Item no. 1-0361.
    QUESTION:  Hello I have a 03 kawasaki z1000 pc111 k&n yosh slip-ons z has no ram air tubes and a hole about 3" in diameter cut in the lid of the airbox I have already purchased a dry kit from you and was wondering where I should put the nozzle and if the hole in the airbox will affect the nitrous or performance thank you Justin
    ANSWER:  I would install the nozzle so it sprays into the hole in the box through the filter.
    QUESTION:  ok, which system and price???
    QUESTION:  have a triumph rocket 3,already have turbo kit,can i also use nitrous, if so which kit?
    ANSWER:  Yes you can use nitrous with a turbo. You can use dry if you have a way of adding fuel with the nitrous. Otherwise wet is the way to go.
    QUESTION:  I want to inject directly into the top of the airbox at the very front,any problem with this as oppossed to the ram air inlet
    ANSWER:  Distribution won't be as good.
    QUESTION:  hi i have buell x1 using tfi control unit will this work on my bike and how do i get extra fuell needed will it damage engine at all
    ANSWER:  the extra fuel will come from the tfi's high speed adjustment.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2006 GSXR 600 and i put a BMC racing air filter on it, a yoshi pipe, the power commander, and the ignition module... Am i going to need to upgrade anything other than that? and is this dry kit the only thing i need to order to instal this?
    ANSWER:  You have everything you should need to use the Dry Nitrous.
    QUESTION:  hi i have a buell x1 lightning could i use this kit on my bike i have a force winder ram air filter
    ANSWER:  As long as it's fuel injected our kit will work.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R with a carbon devil high-mount exhaust, K&N air filter, and power commander USBIII, I was looking at your 2.5# dry nitrous system and am thinking about buying one. Where would that mount on my bike as it is rather big, and is the horn button or the starter button used as the "fire" switch, so to speak. And also, do you inject nitrous into the air box, or directly into the engine through the injectors. THanks!!!!
    ANSWER:  Wherever you can find a spot fot the bottle. The starter button activates the nitrous. It is injected into the ram air tube before the air box.
    QUESTION:  hi,very interested in your dry nos kit. can you ship to England UK,if so at what cost? Many thanks Crazy Marc.
    QUESTION:  I have an 03 RC51. The only place I can see the bottle will fit is in the rear tail section. Will the wires and hoses reach from there? Do you have any customers that have installed it this way? My Power Commander is mounted back there now. Which system would I order. Who refills bottles in the San Jose, CA area? Thanks, Mike
    ANSWER:  Most people put the bottle in the tail piece. All wires and hoses are long enough. Look for a automotive speed shop for refils.
    QUESTION:  I have read previous questions and you confirm it works on Buell XB12R firebolt, but Dynajet dont make powercommanders for XB buells, how can i get the fuell required, is their another brand, would Dobeck Performance TFI do the job although it only adds fuel and cannot lean the mixture below the fuel map?
    ANSWER:  We have a unit called a Fast FI Mixture Control. It has an instant rich lead that when power is supplied it drives the injectors static. It is available for the Buell.
    QUESTION:  would 16g or 8g nos affect my engine at all and would it be recomended to get a new spark plug as my motobike is a little midi moto dirtbike reply asap thankz
    QUESTION:  would it really be nessassery to drill A HOLE in the airbox and what effects would it have if you did because i have bought some nos but not from this website and i tells me to drill a holr in the airbox and im just thinking wouldnt that harm the motorbike or the airbox itself
    ANSWER:  No it won't harm the bike.
    QUESTION:  i have a 2003 gsxr1000 i have some engine and exhaust mods. i have a pcIIIusb. i had to get a custom tune on a dyno to get it to run correctly. do i have to change my tune? how does this system add fuel? i don't want to loose any performance when i am not spraying. i just want more power without any sacrifice.
    ANSWER:  You will richen the high rpm setting each time you want to spray. Then return it to the original setting for normal riding.
    QUESTION:  i have a gsxr1000 2004 and i run in drag race it run 9.05 at 155mph.i have a problem with my clutch wend im goingto begin the race in 60 feet
    QUESTION:  i have a 2003 suzuki 1300 busa with power commander and nitrous and all i get is 10 out of it what can i do to run in hte 8
    ANSWER:  You need a good 60 foot time. Practice!
    QUESTION:  I have an 04 CBR 600rr, what parts will I need for a dry system? Power Commander? Will it have any negative affects on the engine?
    ANSWER:  To use more than 20 HP jets you will also need a Power commander. No negative affects other than normal wear and tear 20-40 HP will give.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2003 yamaha warrior 1700 v-twin with twin k-n filters no air box how do i anject into two differnet cyclieders
    ANSWER:  You would need a dual nozzle kit.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2005 GSXR 1000, w/ commander, im looking to gain around 40 HP, will this kit deliever that or is there bigger kit
    ANSWER:  This kit will do it.
    QUESTION:  any kits that come with 1lb bottle?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  where can I find a wiring diagram for an nitrous full throttle activation switch for a 1k gsxr1000. Currently setup on the starter button(Dry shot)
    ANSWER:  power to the arm switch common arm switch normally open to WOT common WOT normally open to NOS solenoid power lead
    QUESTION:  Just wondering if you all offer a purge kit for the nitrous systems. Im looking at the 2.5 lb bottle kit for my 2005 R6, and i would like to have the purge kit. Any information would be greatly appreciated. -Mike-
    ANSWER:  P/N 3-16030nos $135.00
    QUESTION:  I have a 2001 gsxr 750 and would like the kit I have a power commander II, and a K&N filter!! What size bottle will fit inside my tail?? Also would it matter what side of the air induct I inject the NOS because on the GSXR there is one down left and right side?? Would I have to have injection down both sides??
    ANSWER:  You can use either side. Don't know about what bottle will fit. 1# bottle is 3" diameter and 10" tall.
    QUESTION:  Has anyone ever attempted to put this nitrous system on a 2003 Buell XB9R.
    ANSWER:  Yep
    QUESTION:  If you have a paper filter will the NOS have a bad effect on the filter?
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:  Will it be a problem to setup the nozzel after the airbox or is it better to go before the filter?
    ANSWER:  You can do either. Better distribution with one nozzle before the air box though.
    QUESTION:  How do you setup your power commander to give enough fuel for a dry kit?
    ANSWER:  Raise the high rpm settings to the max rich setting when you run the NO2. Dyno tune for max power and proper mixture.
    QUESTION:  yes i have 1995 750GSXR looking for a nitrous kit for my bike.Thank You
    ANSWER:  NOS p/N 03008NOS
    QUESTION:  wiil the dry kit fit on a 2003 suzuki sv1000s v-twin
    ANSWER:  If it is an EFI bike it will.
    QUESTION:  need bracket fob a 2lb for a honda vtx1800c
    QUESTION:  Do you have or know where to get Power Commander maps for a TL1000R for your kit?
    ANSWER:  No, sorry
    QUESTION:  I was also wondering being my bike is 365lbs dry and 180 horses do i really need nitrous? honestly or should i wait to see after i break it in it only has 300 miles on it (its been cold)! sorry
    ANSWER:  Thats your call.
    QUESTION:  hey i have a 2006 gsxr 1000 with a power comander and i was wanting to know what kind of nitrous setup do i need? and
    ANSWER:  Dry kit is the correct kit.
    QUESTION:  do you have a kit for a 199 buel x1 fi
    ANSWER:  This kit is universal and will work on the fuel injected Buell.
    QUESTION:  what address should i send my defective nitrous/horn box to? should i include a brief letter on what is malfuctioning with the box?
    ANSWER:  5350 McIntosh Point #132 Sanford, FL 32773
    QUESTION:  My my starter/nitrous box is not working and i was wondering who i should contact about that?
    ANSWER:  MPS 407.330.9727 or just send it back we will replace it.
    QUESTION:  What shot of Nurtous does the MPS kit come with for an 03' R1? This is for item 1-0361.
    ANSWER:  They come with 20, 30, and 40 HP.
    QUESTION:  Is the MPS horn/Nitrous activator box water proof?
    ANSWER:  No
    QUESTION:   First of all thank you for such a prompt response on my earlier questions. I was also wondering what additional parts would I need to install a purge valve system on my NOS system?
    ANSWER:  Just the NOS purge kit.
    QUESTION:  If i dont have the MPS sport bike engine kill box do i hook the blue wire off the horn/starter/NOS control box to a 12v power source?
    ANSWER:  No, you won't use the white, black, or blue at all
    QUESTION:  Q#1: I just purchased an MPS NOS kit and was wondering if i needed an MPS sport bike engine kill, and an electric air valve to install this on my 03 R1? Q#2: Is the the horn, shifter, and NOS control box water proof? Q#3: Do i cut both wires on the horn and starter switch, or just the one that runs to the horn/starter?????
    ANSWER:  If you don't have an air shifter you won't use the black, white, and blue wires at all. You will cut the wire going from your starter button to your starter relay. You will now have 2 ends. The end that goes to the switch is connected to the yellow wire and the end that goes to the relay connects to the orange wire. The red goes to one of the nitrous solenoid wires with the other solenoid wire getting grounded.
    QUESTION:  I have a 04 R6 with full yosh Rs3 exhaust, k&n, Power commander.My question is what exactly will I need to make a nos kit fit my bike ( i would like a small bottle) and what kinda mods would I need to do after the install?
    ANSWER:  The power commander and the dry kit are all you need.
    QUESTION:  I have a 2005 R6 and i want Nos on it but i dont know that much about it. what all should i get to do it right?
    ANSWER:  A means to richen fuel when spraying nitrous ( Fast FI or power commander ) and our dry nitrous kit is all you need.
    QUESTION:  If I buy this system, where can I get a purge kit for a Hayabusa?
    ANSWER:  Here. P/N 3-16030NOS
    QUESTION:  What horsepower rating is the .036 jet. Is a 40 horse shot the biggest you can get. I wanted about 60hp.
    ANSWER:  You will need a way to get the extra fuel. You can do it with our Fast FI Mixture control.
    QUESTION:  I want to put a nitrous purge kit onto my showbike. I have a kawasaki 636 and I was wondering what applications I would need to put them on and how many shots I could get max
    ANSWER:  A 1# bottle will be about 30 seconds.
    QUESTION:  the directions on this kit says to mount the nozzel in the ram air tube on a haybusa this means that the nitrous will travel through the air filter....would it be better if the nitrous didnt travel through the airfilter?
    ANSWER:  That depends on the enrichening method. Without a additional enrichener this method will lower intake tract temps and offers good distribution.
    QUESTION:  will a 2lb bottle fit under the rear cowl(gutted) on a hayabusa? Is it more or less expensive for the 2lb bottle?
    ANSWER:  Its a little more $$$ for the 2 lb. It will fit under the rear seat tail piece.
    QUESTION:  I have a 02 Meanstreak, Thunder/tornado intake, TFI module, Vance and Hines long shots. 1500 fuel injected. Do you see any problems with using dry nos system? Suggestions?
    ANSWER:  No, it should work well.
    QUESTION:  I have a cbr 929 , i dont know where at in the airbox to drill the hole and put the jet in. I dont want it to close to my airbox or to close to my intake because then it wont spread evenly through intakes. thanks
    ANSWER:  I would put it in the ram air tube before the airbox.
    QUESTION:  Will it work for a 02f4i, and also do you have a wet kit for it. Thanks Jason
    ANSWER:  what is it
    QUESTION:  i need to get your return address to send you back your nitrous system for a refund i already have a RA# i just need an address to send it back to you thanks
    ANSWER:  If it is fuel injected it will work. The kits are universal for fuel injected bikes.
    QUESTION:  HEY! I HAVE A "02" gixxser 1000 will the 2.5 bottle fit in the trunk space under the cowl?
    ANSWER:  no
    QUESTION:  What's up,i have a gixxer 1000 new 2 the DRY Nitrious Game.Tell me what all i need 2 put a kit on my bike. No power commander.I need 2 hide the bottle? Thanks!!
    ANSWER:  Just the kit for 20 HP. Power Commander or MPS Fast for more.
    QUESTION:  i have a cbr 600 f4i, i have installed a power commander. do i need to remove it ?
    ANSWER:  no, you will need it to supply more fuel at full throttle.
    QUESTION:  Hi there i have installed this nitrous system and i have a TRE (timing retard eliminator) on my bike which i bought aftermaret. is it safe to use it with this installed or do i need to remove the TRE? thanks
    ANSWER:  No, you can use the TRE. It only advances the timing in low gear and you more than likely won't be using the nitrous in 1st gear.
    QUESTION:  I have a 05 cbr600rr help me find the best nitrous system without a power commander... and if one is needed what would the setup for the power commander be... thanks....
    ANSWER:  You can use small jets wiuthout a power commander. I would start with about .024
    QUESTION:  hi there is shipping free to uk and if not how much? could i get it with a 20oz bottle insteaD OF THE LARGER BOTTLE for same price? thanks. please write back asap.
    ANSWER:  We have 16 oz bottles.
    QUESTION:  is this 2.5lb bottle a little large for a motorcycle, as i was hoping to fit it smartly under my pillion seat, where are they most commonly fitted. and copuld it come with another size? will i need a power commander before attempting to use this kit?
    ANSWER:  Power Commander is needed for more than the 20 HP jet.
    QUESTION:  The diameters you gave for the 2.5lb bottle seem big for a bike, where would it fit? i want to put my bottle under the pillion seat is this possible? do you deliver uk?
    ANSWER:  You probably want a 1# bottle. We ship to the UK.
    QUESTION:  I have an GSXR600 stock, and am interested in this product, i assume il need a power commander to use it and will this kit be fine for my bike? ahve you any fixing diagrams at all as am not too sure if will be easy to fit myself thanks? thanks
    ANSWER:  You can get wire diagrams at www.mpsracing.com. It will work fine on a GSXR600.
    QUESTION:  i was wondering how much help will i get with nitrous systems on a 04 r1 w 162 at the rear doing about 185 in a 9/10ths run. also how much will it cost with two 10 oz bottles instead of a 2.5 lb bottle. thanks alan diaz
    ANSWER:  40 plus hp around 365.00
    QUESTION:  Can I mount this system inside the airbox in the velocity stacks on my gixxer 1000? And why does your instructions say not to mount the bottle next to any source of heat when in racing you it is better to heat the bottle up...?
    ANSWER:  Heating the bottle increases bottle pressure. Too much and the solenoid won't open. Nozzle placement depends on the HP you want and your combination.
    QUESTION:  Gidday again tanks for responding quickly. I am also wanting a MPS Fast F1 mixture controller but for my TL1000R V-twin do I order a 1-0337 or a 1-0337-1 for a 2-cylinder? With the free shipping would you also be able to place the mixture controller in with the Nitrous kit? Thanks for your time Tony New Zealand (sorry may have sent this twice!)
    ANSWER:  -1 for a 2 Cylinder
    QUESTION:  Gidday, what are the diamensions of the 2.5lb bottle (for installation reasons)? The MPS dry package above says its for a 4-cylinder engine does this mean it won't work properly or at all on my 2000 TL1000R (V-Twin). Thanks.
    ANSWER:  4" diameter 12-13" tall. Its a universal kit for any late model Fuel Injected bike.
    QUESTION:  We are looking into turning our '04 GSXR600 into a show bike. We are interseted in a NOS Kit that will boost our performance. Is the one you offer going to work for us or do you have a recommended kit we could use and how much it is. We have a Power Commander if that makes a difference. Thanks. : ) Thank You, Nikki
    ANSWER:  This is the best kit for a FI equipped 600.
    QUESTION:  will putting nitrous on my new 2005 with 50 miles on it,hurt my bike at all.can you tell me the bad thing about nitrous to the engine
    ANSWER:  Nothing bad........just more oxygen!
    QUESTION:  yes i emailed you befoer i would like a nitrous kit for my 2000 zx12-r motorcycle never receiveced a response if none this time i willl go elswhere on the net cause i will be ordering one from somebody i was most intersted in the one that plugs directly into the wiring harness would appreciate any information please thank you for your time
    ANSWER:  None available that plug directly in. These are universal kits and wire into the starter button.
    QUESTION:  will this kit, without abusing it, cause any internal damge to my bike? 05 gixxer 600
    ANSWER:  No it shouldn't. We reccommend a trip to the dyno to be sure fuel air ratio is correct on the nitrous.
    QUESTION:  Im making a mini dragster using a TL1000 moter, turbo charged, engine management and hopefully on the bottle, what size of a shot does this kit put out? how many uses will I have till a refill is required? Thanks John
    ANSWER:  approx 20 seconds with a .036 jet. Should produce around 40 hp
    QUESTION:  i have a 2003 r6 that i drag race it runs 10.52 at 132mph about how much will this help and do i have to change my power commander
    ANSWER:  You will need to richen your power commander on the top throttle opening. Should pick up 10 mph or so with a .036 jet.
    QUESTION:  i was looking a the no2 for my motorcylce and I was wondering the kit that you all have is tjat all I need for my bike. lilsuta@hotmail.com
    ANSWER:  If it is fuel injected. That is all you need for small hp gains.
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