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38 SPECIAL FRAME SLIDERS: SUZUKI GSXR 600 (00-08), 750 (00-08)

38 Special Frame Sliders come in Black Powder Coated or Polished Aluminum Finish
Comes in a PAIR (L&R sides)
May require modification of the fairing to install

This item usually takes about 4 days to ship
Item no.431-6510

Retail: $100.00(PLUS shipping)

Application Chart Diagrams Application
2000 Suzuki GSX-R 600
2001 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (K1)
2002 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (K2)
2003 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (K3)
2004 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (K4)
2005 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (K5)
2006 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (K6)
2007 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (K7)
2008 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (K8)
2000 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (y)
2001 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K1)
2002 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K2)
2003 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K3)
2004 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K4)
2005 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K5)
2006 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K6)
2007 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K7)
2008 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K8)
Polished Aluminum
GSX-R  38 Special Frame Sliders GSX-R  38 Special Frame Sliders
WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  i have a 2005 suzuki gxsr 600 needing a throttle body.Is there another year that I could use?
QUESTION:  i have a 1998 gsx-r 750 motor. can i put it in a 1999 katana. what are the needed modification.the motor is fuel injection. the bike is carborated
QUESTION:  how much are crash cages for 07 gsxr????????
ANSWER:  i dont know stmachine does not sell them
QUESTION:  do you have 44 revolver sliders? 357?
QUESTION:  I have a 2000 Suzuki 750 GSX-R. Is there a web site that would give me step by step on how to replace a head gasket thats leaking oil.
QUESTION:  lol, wow. I mean I know you heard this a million times but I am very sorry you have to respond to all the ignorant dumb azzes that ask the SAME questions over and over! R E A D the posts before you idiots. geez
QUESTION:  what are those metal sleeves that come in the bolts packege for
ANSWER:  Those are spacers. Slide the bolt through the frameslider. Slide the "metal sleeves" over the bolt. Put bolt in proper hole and tighten. Use Lock Tite. End result is the spacer is between your bike and the frame slider so it sticks out far enough and sits properly.
QUESTION:  Will a 07 suzuki gsxr750 engine fit on a 07suzuki gsxr 600
ANSWER:  I do not know but if you go to gixxer.com I am sure somebody could help you. I do know if it does fit you would also need the air box, throttle bodies,ECU, wiring harness etc.
QUESTION:  Are the two different finishes the same price?
ANSWER:  Same price black or polished.
QUESTION:  Is there a set that will fit a 96 GSX 600F Katana?
ANSWER:  No . Your bike has a V- Twin engine. The sliders above are made to mount in the stock motor mounts in an inline motor. These are bike specific. Try searching on ebay. Their is someone on ebay that is modifying our S.T. Machine sliders to work on the Katana. The sliders are supplied with a pair of brackets that clamp over the down tubes of your frame .
QUESTION:  I have a 06 katana 600 will the 38 special frame slider fit for my bike?
ANSWER:  No . Your bike has a V- Twin engine. The sliders above are made to mount in the stock motor mounts in an inline motor. These are bike specific. Try searching on ebay. Their is someone on ebay that is modifying our S.T. Machine sliders to work on the Katana. The sliders are supplied with a pair of brackets that clamp over the down tubes of your frame .
QUESTION:  Do you have a 38 special frame slider that will fit an '03 Bandit 1200?
ANSWER:  No, sorry.
QUESTION:  i have an 08 gsxr 600. will they fit my bike?
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  i have an 08 gsxr 750, doest it come with a bracket or will i need to drill?
ANSWER:  No bracket supplied you will need to drill .
ANSWER:  No, we don't make any for your bike.This would be a custom job. Try your local machine shop. Have them fab up a bracket and you can bolt any S.T. Machine slider to that bracket.
QUESTION:  Will will the bracket and frame sliders for a gsxr 1000 fit a gsxr 600
ANSWER:  These do not use a braket of any kind. Yes, the same slider for the 600 will work on a 750/1000 as well and vice versa.
QUESTION:  would 2008 gsxr600 engine fit on a 2007 frame
ANSWER:  Maybe.
QUESTION:  can i put 2001 gsxr 600/750 fairings on my 2000 gsxr 600
ANSWER:  Maybe
QUESTION:  i have a 2006 gsxr 750 can 600s fairings fit on 750s
ANSWER:  maybe
QUESTION:  i have a 2002 suzuki 600 katana. can i put frame sliders on it?
ANSWER:  We do not make a direct fit . Someone out there makes a clamp to adapt our sliders to the Katana frame without any drilling.
QUESTION:  I have a 1993 gsxr 750 and i was woundering if you make sliders for that model and year?
ANSWER:  No we do not sorry
QUESTION:  how much horsepower does an 07 gxsr 750 have
QUESTION:  will they fit sv1ooo
QUESTION:  I have a 2007 Gixxer 750 and was wonderin if I need to order the frame sliders for the 2006 because there is no 2007 on the application chart... thanks
ANSWER:  Yes ,that would be the same part.Sorry we have not updated the years.
QUESTION:  when trying to get this item it asks for quantity. do these come in pairs if I put in for quantity as 1.?
ANSWER:  pairs
QUESTION:  I need frame sliders for a 2000 katana.. can u help
ANSWER:  I have done a custom install on a 2004 Katana.It does involve drilling of the down braces coming from the top of the frame.These braces can be seen through the fairng vents (openings).I do not sell a direct kit for that bike. You could order a set for the Busa,this set will have a one inch spacer for each side . You will have to purchase some hardware at your local hardware store.You will need a couple of flat washer for each side and a Nylock nut for each side.The thread pitch on the bolt in the Busa kit is 1.25.You might also need longer bolts ,but that is to be determined by the installer.This install is up to you.We are not responsinle for problems you might run into. This is simply just an explanation of how I installled it on a friends Katana .
QUESTION:  I have a 2007 gsxr 600 what crash cages do you have? or do you not have any for this year?
ANSWER:  We don't make any at all!
QUESTION:  When I recieve these and they are not already notched out can I return them with no restocking fee?
QUESTION:  I have an '02 gsxr 600 and the slider that is on there now has a section notched out on the right for the frame. Do these have that notched out as well already?
ANSWER:  Our sliders bolt directly to the frame using our hardware.There is many diff.styles of sliders on the market.
QUESTION:  do you have or know of any company that has sliders for a 2002 katana 600
ANSWER:  no sorry there is no place to mouint them without doing some type of custom fab work
QUESTION:  I have never realized that there are so many ignorant people in the world of sportbikes untill I read most of the post on this site !!! I feel sorry for the poor guy or girl that has to answer every stupid that some of these people post question repeatedly again and again
ANSWER:  I appretiate the sympathy.I agree with you 100%.It is scary to think most of these people ride motorcycles on the same streets we ride on.
QUESTION:  how this work n why u put this in in da bike.i mean whats da reason btw this creation.tnx
ANSWER:  I do not understand your question. Please try to be more clear. I can't guess to what your question is.
QUESTION:  i need a suzuki 600 2002 , but withaout engine
ANSWER:  Great, I will get right on this ASAP.I will search high and low.After all that is what we advertise our specialty is or is it?????
QUESTION:  i have a 2007 suzuki gxsr 750 do these come in black for the 07' gsxr 750, and order info if they do
ANSWER:  Yes they come in black. Order right here on-line.
QUESTION:  Thanks for being able to answer questions, Wish the people who visited this site and wrote a stupid comment would try and grow up, because we all represent each other. thx for your patience in dealing
ANSWER:  You are very welcomed.You are right about those who waste oxygen and time to write in some dumb questions.
ANSWER:  Yes they do.
ANSWER:  Yes ,you might need to trim the fairing on the left side.
QUESTION:  I have a 2007 GSX-R 600. I was woundering if these could fit onto my bike without any modifications?
ANSWER:  You will have to do some trimming on the fairing.On the left side ( clutch side).
QUESTION:  will they fit a 1997 Dodge Avenger
ANSWER:  Take a wild guess. That car will definietley in a car compactor for sure.
QUESTION:  I have a 2005 GSXR 600. Will anything have to be cut to add these, or will they go on without mods? Thanks.
ANSWER:  If you can see both motormounts through the fairings no mods will be needed.
ANSWER:  We never tricked you . The best and strongest way to mount a frameslider is at the motormount. On all, most GSXR's you do not need to cut the fairings.If you read the description above it indicates,May require modification of the fairing to install.
QUESTION:  i have a 07 gsxr-600, will these fit?
ANSWER:  Yes they will.
QUESTION:  what kind of bullets are in there. is there any bigger bullets you can put in??
ANSWER:  38 specials only!
QUESTION:  Will these .38 sliders fit in my .38 revolver? Just in case me and another biker are disputing something?
ANSWER:  Buy a set and try for yourself!
QUESTION:  i have a 06 gsxr600. i looked to see if you need to cut the fairing and it looks like you need to on the one side. Can you explain?
ANSWER:  You should be able to access the motormounts without cutting the fairing.
QUESTION:  i have a 2006 gsxr600 do these look level from the front view of the bike or is one higher then the other??
ANSWER:   +We made ours to mount at the motor mounts . They should be directly across from each other . We do not use offset brackets.
QUESTION:  ok iam buying an 06 gsxr 600 in about a month and i dont wanna cut anything or mess with anything new bike...so do these just bolt on or do things have to be cut and moded, btw there really bad ass! :)
ANSWER:  Direct bolt on. No cutting.
QUESTION:  do any of them body frames fit a 2006 katana
QUESTION:  do you have any body frames to make my 2006 katana look different
QUESTION:  Will these fit the 99 GSX-R 600
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  are those real bullets
ANSWER:  those are real spent shells
QUESTION:  does it com wit the bolts
ANSWER:  Comes with bolts and spacers.
QUESTION:  Will they fit 2005 gsxr 600 without cutting the fairings?
ANSWER:  As long as the frame/motormounts are exposed and not hidden behind the fairing you will not have to cut in to the fairing.
QUESTION:  Do they make frame sliders or crash cages for '05 suzuki katana 750? If so do you guys carry them?
QUESTION:  FYI- There ARE mods needed to make these fit a 2006 GSX-R 600. It is exposed on one side but you have to cut fairing on the other side.
ANSWER:  Yes we know. Thank you.
QUESTION:  do you like men or women?
ANSWER:  Grrow up ,IDIOT!!!!
QUESTION:  Wil They Fit My 05 Katana 600?
ANSWER:  no, sorry
QUESTION:  I have a 06 gsxr600. Will this fit?
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  can this fit on a 2000 katana gsxf
ANSWER:  no. sorry
QUESTION:  The 38 Special sliders are kick ass. Do you make them for a 2003 Suzuki SV 1000 naked?
ANSWER:  It might . I really do not know.I think it should/If you would like to buy a set and try,i would like to know if they fit.I will give you a refund if they do not.
ANSWER:  We have never tried them on that bike. Sorry.
QUESTION:  do you have models to fit a 2001 yamaha R6
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  i need a schematic diagram for a 2000 katana 600
ANSWER:  CAll your local Suzuki dealer.
QUESTION:  aren't you sick of people asking if they will fit '06 models?
ANSWER:  We are in the process of updating our site.
QUESTION:  Do they fit 98 gsxr 750? Any mod needed?
ANSWER:  If you can access the motor mount bolts without any obstructions then they should fit ,Sorry no promises!!
QUESTION:  do you have a 38 special frame sliders for 2005 susuki katana 600?
QUESTION:  he says i have to trim the fairing on the 06 gsxr 600 but then a few questions down he says they bolt right on...why would i buy it here to wreck my bike when on ebay i can get it with the bracket cheaper???
ANSWER:  get it from e-bay
QUESTION:  How do you put them on the 03 katana? Do you sell a special mount?
ANSWER:  We do not make a special mount for any bike.You bolt it to your motor mount location.
QUESTION:   Are they both the same length on both sides? Or one side is shorter then the other?
ANSWER:  same
QUESTION:  Are you sure there are not mods needed for the 2006 gsxr600? The bolt is exposed on the right ride, but under the plastic on the left side. Do I need to cut the plastic or is there a different way to mount them that I don't know about? Thanks
ANSWER:  Then you will need to trim the fairing
QUESTION:  is there any mod needed for 06 gsxr 600
ANSWER:  Should bolt right to your exposed frame.
QUESTION:  You say they will fit a 2006 GSX-R 600, any mods required to make that happen? Thanks.
ANSWER:  no mods
QUESTION:  will they fit 06 gsxr 750
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  How far do these sliders stick out on the side?
ANSWER:  Depending on your bike model ,3-4 inches
ANSWER:  We can sell you a regular set of GSXR frame sliders and you can modify them to fit your bike yourself.SORRY NO SPECIAL ORDERS!!!
QUESTION:  will these fit gsxf 600 2001 or have a product that will
QUESTION:  is it possible to get the silver bullet ends instead of the gold in the black sliders
ANSWER:  yes, please specify when ordering.
QUESTION:  Will these fit the 06 GSXR 600?
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  how much horsepower does a 2005 gsx-r 600 have?
ANSWER:  this question is irrelevant to this produst.
QUESTION:  I have a 99 Suzuki TLS and I wanted to know if you had 38 special levers that will fit my bike.
QUESTION:  Will these fit a 2000 gxsr 600
QUESTION:  they will fit to 01' gsx 1000 with out mods. How much is the ship to Puerto Rico?
ANSWER:  they bolt to the motor mount location with the spacers and longer motor mount bolts we supply. $20.00 U.P.S.
QUESTION:  Can you bolt them up to a 03 GSX-R 600 without cutting the fairing?
ANSWER:  If you can see the frame and the motor mount bolts are exposed than all you have to do is install them.If the faring is above the frame then you will have to make a small hole to accommidate the 3/4 inch spacer.
QUESTION:  so the absolute total is only $100, shipped to your door? no sales tax, handling fees?
ANSWER:  No tax if you are out of the state of Florida. And there is a $10 shipping and handling charge.
QUESTION:  any mods to 05' gsxr-600
ANSWER:  No they bolt right on
QUESTION:  Do they make any that kit an 03 katana 600? (please don't laugh)
ANSWER:  yes we have them for that
QUESTION:  2001 gsxr 750 they mount with no mods to the fairings? and can i get .45 cal bullets instead of punk a$$ .22's?
ANSWER:  no they won't fit sorry.
QUESTION:  any mods if used on an 01 600 gsxr???
ANSWER:  they just bolt on
QUESTION:  Do these fit 02 gsxr 600s? Any mods that need to be done?
ANSWER:  thry are a perfect fit with no mods
QUESTION:  Have these been tested for wear resistance, if so how do they compare to other sliders. I love the look but I'm concerned about performance if the bike goes down. Would you consider these a "show" part. Thank you
ANSWER:  They Are to protect your bike if it goes down.They are made to sacfiface them selves.
QUESTION:  will they fit a 2001 GSXR-750
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  how bout 05 R6 bikes? got anything for that tinkle scratcher? :-+
ANSWER:  They will fit that bike.
QUESTION:  Can they be made to fit an 05' cbr600rr??
ANSWER:  no I don't carry it for that bike.
QUESTION:  will they fit 05 gsxr 1000?
QUESTION:  Hello- I was wondering if there is a frame slider available for a 2000 Buell Cyclone M2. I love the 38 special sliders, but didn’t see one that wasn’t specifically for another bike. Would any of these fit my Buell? Or do you know of anywhere I can get a set of 2000 M2 Cyclone sliders? Thank you.
ANSWER:  I don't make anything 4 that bike
QUESTION:  do they come as a pair or are they $100.00 each
ANSWER:  A pair
QUESTION:  will they fit an 05 gsxr 750
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  whats so special about these sliders
ANSWER:  There extra extra special too good for you.You don't Get them.
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